Floods, floating cars and power outages: the chronicle of a historic storm in Uruguay | Montevideo and Canillon, the two cities worst affected

Uruguay, under water. the Heavy rain that hit the region and caused an “unprecedented” flood in the South American country, As defined by the intention of MontevideoNearly 20,000 people were without electricity, while hundreds of cars roamed the middle of the street.

This was stated by the National Director of the National Emergency Service (Sinai), Sergio Rico The rains mainly affected Montevideo and Canillon. From the Uruguayan Institute of Meteorology (Inumet) they determined Between 50 and 100 mm were recorded in the provincial capital, more than they have precipitated in the past 30 days. Director of the Provincial Emergency Coordination Center (Cecoed), Jorge Coelho, noted that Montevideo It was affected by the rains, but the areas with valleys and streams were the most affected, among them, Malvin Norte, municipality A and municipality C.

Posted by social media, Citizens shared photos and videos of flooded streets, underwater cars, and even containers left floating.

The municipality of Montevideo has launched a phone line To call in the event of a climate emergency and inform them through their networks: “The Emergency Coordination Center (Cecoed) of Montevideo County and Intendancy informs residents that as a result of the situation caused by heavy rains, the emergency response system has been activated, and is dedicated to providing care to those who need it.” The head of the community herself, Carolina Kos, confirmed that she was back in Montevideo to deal with the situation through her Twitter account. “It rained, in a few hours, Double the amount of rain in a month“, books.


In this context, the National Administration of Power Stations and Electricity Transmission, the State Electricity Corporation, stated that There are approximately 20,000 users without electricity across the country, half of whom are from the capital.

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10:45 a.m. (local time) 10,367 people without electricity in Montevideo, Which accounts for 1.8 per cent of the service, according to the Uruguayan newspaper observer.

One of the worst affected neighborhoods was Malvin, particularly its main street Concepcion del Uruguay, but the areas of Ponta Gorda and Ponta de Reles, which have 1,500 users without electricity, were also hit.

In addition, Etozingo, Carrasco and Bossio were endangered. In Canelon, on the other hand, about 2,900 users without electricity have been registered.

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