Elizabeth Gomez Alcorta: “It is another step on the path to the full exercise of rights” | New DNI for non-binary people

Minister of Women, Gender and Diversity of the Nation, Elizabeth Gomez Alcorta, Occur in IP News Central Edition about the new DNI for non-binary people. “It’s a claim waiting to be resolved”, The official confirmed in an interview with Noelia Baral-Grigera and Gabriel Swid.

It is a very important step to highlight all those genders that are not perceived as male and female. In the categories that we have to fill in general, which are common to many and many, there is a part of a diverse and diverse community that does not feel recognizable. It is another step in recognizing the right to gender identity law‘ the minister commented.

In addition, he confirmed it in his nine years gender identity law, approved in 2012, Many people have brought legal cases so that none of these categories appears in their documents, Thing “It has been resolved in various ways by allocating a diversified gender.”

Regarding other activities that are usually bilateral such as retirement or athletic competitions, Gomez Alcorta commented: “Work is underway to think of all the modifications that we have to make for ourselves And the implications of that. In the field of sports, there is already a long journey and we are working with the Ministry of Sports.”

IP Noticias Central Edition is broadcast on IP Monday-Friday 20-22, with Noelia Barral Grigera and Gabriel Sued connected.

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