Elections in Chile: Borich wins by wide margins in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea | He also achieved important victories in Europe

the Elections in Chile To determine who will be the next president and Gabriel Borekleft-wing candidate He overtook his far-right rival Jose Antonio Caste in the vote Chilean in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea. It was also known in the last hours that Borek had won in several European countries.

in a New ZealandAnd boricFor an alliance I agree to dignity, She got 738 out of 865 votes 118 of Caste, a Republican, reported to authorities only two open ballots in the country, in Wellington and Auckland.

to share In the registered ocean state an increase of 22 percent Compared to the first round held on November 21, when 706 voters cast their ballots.

In Australia, Borek also won 2,009 votes to Kast’s 574., with a 14 per cent increase in voter turnout, polling station authorities in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra reported.

Borek also won wins in two Asian countries: Japan, where he defeated Cast 91 votes to 29 At one table in Tokyo and on South Korea, where He won by 42 votes to seven At a table in Seoul.

In Spain, the third country in the world with the largest number of Chileans eligible to vote (behind the United States and Argentina), the Dignity Approval candidate received 3,002 votes, or 78.06 percent, while the Republican Party leader received 844 favourite. (21.94 per cent. Even participation rose in relation to the number of voters: 3,592 people voted in the first round in Spain and 3,846 voted on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Borek won with 94 percent in Sweden, in France with 89 percent, in Germany with 83 percent, and in the United Kingdom with 69 percent.

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The leftist candidate, who came second in the first round, added the support of foreign politicians and artists such as Sting, Peter GabrielAnd Juan Manuel Serrat And others who demanded to stop the progress of the extreme right.

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