Ecuador ranks 76th out of 110 countries

The Digital Quality of Life Index report measures the quality, connectivity and other aspects of internet service in 110 countries and this is the first time that Ecuador has been part of the ranking.

Every year since 2019, Surfshark has been offering “Digital Quality of Life Index(DQL), which aims to define the world’s digital quality of life.

Take this year’s study into account 110 countries, and this is the first time that Ecuador has been part of the investigation.

For index development, Surfshark Five aspects that determine the quality of digital life:

  • Internet access– Measures how long people have to work to pay for an internet connection.
  • electronic infrastructureDefines the development and inclusion of existing infrastructure in a country, allowing people to use the Internet on a daily basis for many purposes, such as study, e-commerce, entertainment, and banking.
  • Internet quality: The speed and stability of the Internet connection in the country.
  • Digitizing the public serviceCalculates the progress and digitization of government services, which helps reduce bureaucracy, reduce corruption, and increase public sector transparency.
  • cyber security– Demonstrates the country’s readiness to combat cybercrime and its commitment to protecting anyone’s online privacy.

These pillars consist of 14 threaded indicators To measure the overall digital quality of life. top one score.

On the other hand, research shows that there is still a Technology Gap It is widespread among rich, poor and developing countries.

Countries with the best digital life

Europe is the continent with the largest number of countries in the top ten: Denmark, Finland, France, Switzerland, Germany and the United Kingdom.

While South Korea, Israel and Singapore represent the Asian continent in the “top ten” list in the digital quality of life index.

America is the only country of the American continent that appears among the top ten in the world list, and ranks fifth.

As in the other numerical lists, African countries are the worst ranked. The first country on that continent to appear in the index is South Africa, ranked 68th. Ethiopia and Cameroon are at the bottom of the list.

What is the situation in South America

The cyber security company analyzed the above parameters in Nine countries in South America.

Chile has the best digital quality index, ranked 43rd with a score of 0.57 points.

It is followed by Argentina in 49th place with 0.55 points, and Brazil is third in the region with 0.53 points. Ecuador is in eighth place with 0.48, That is, in the penultimate position in South America. While the world ranking stands at 76th.

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