Dragon Ball: Everything that is known about Dragon Ball Super Hero, the movie that will feature Goten and teenage Trunks

And theWe’ve taken the weekend with news of a saga we expect nothing of, but whose ads are always well received (and with a better face and outlook than many other epic stories): Toei Animation Published the date of the official premiere of Dragon Ball Super HeroThe new movie from the Dragon Ball universe. And that’s all we know about her.

What is the theme of Dragon Ball Super Hero?

the movie Number 21 in the Dragon Ball chronology (which is a staple in the Dragon Ball Super line) located, it seems, A few years after the events of the last animefrom age Goten and Trunks (The one who has not yet reached the age of the end of the world in which he lived and which made him go back to the past).

narrates back red patrol (known in English as red ribbon army), the army we met in Gok’s first adventures and where the first Android appeared, that beast-like robot from Frankenstein Which is rated in Dragon Ball Lore as The A-8Then he returned to himself Dr. McKee seems to announce the arrival cell.

The group that revived the Red Patrol has now been created Two new androidsmuch more powerful than his previous creations: Gamma 1 and Gamma 2through which they will seek revenge on Jock and attack him where it is most painful: with his family.

Akira Toriyama worked on Dragon Ball Super Hero?

The movie was announced last year, and its development began after the release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, so it’s part of The new line of work that Toriyama participated in. In fact, he wrote the script for this movie (including many of the more specific dialogues), as well as redesigned many of the characters. According to the staff, Toriyama took part in this film for much longer than in the previous three films.

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When will Dragon Ball Super Hero be released?

This weekend we learned that the movie (Announced from May 2021and more details during that year’s Comic-Con, including the announcement of participating characters such as Picoro, Pan, and Krillin) The premiere will be on April 22 this year in Japanwhether in normal format or in 3D, IMAX 3D and 4D, and it is expected Sometime in the middle of summer I arrived in the United Stateswhich will (hopefully) include the rest of Latin America.

So we have to start categorizing the major movie theater chains so that they start putting their histories aside and don’t leave us out of this experience. even though Dragon Ball Super It received a lot of criticism due to the animation, and the plot was one of the most praised for Toriyama’s comeback, so this new movie is expected to come with great things. Or what do you think?

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