Chrome, Edge and Firefox are about to release version 100: How can these updates leave millions of users without access to the Internet?


Feb 21 2022 22:50 GMT

Google and Microsoft are expected to release the next version of their browser in March, while Mozilla will do the same in May.

The major internet browsers, Google Chrome, Edge and Firefox, are close to reaching update number 100. However, these new versions can Bargaining for your compatibility With a large number of web pages, leaving millions of users without access to cyberspace.

according to admit Developers, switching to the next version of browsers – which will be available in March for Chrome and Edge browsers, while Firefox will be released in May – could introduce bugs or compatibility issues On some sites, not willing to read three-digit user agent strings, so symmetric For what happened over a decade ago when explorers came up with double-digit versions.

The three companies behind the browsers, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla, are working hard to solve this problem. As part of the strategies, developers can activate a file hashtag Especially in current versions of browsers to simulate it being the next update, with which you will start testing sites and their response to three-digit coding.

If there are a moderate number of errors on the sites, Mozilla will try to fix them at the time of the failure. If this is widespread and unmanageable, it will use a flag to freeze the browser version at 99, a strategy similar to the one suggested by Google.

According to reports, some sites with high user traffic so far have reported compatibility issues, including HBO Go, Bethesda, and Yahoo. Faced with this situation, the companies have asked Internet users who want to help mitigate the potential consequences to configure their browsers with private label and report any inconveniences in their performance.

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