Download Live11 and Windows 11 for free to a flash drive or microSD card without installation

You can now use Windows 11 without installing, to try it without obligation, or as an emergency disk. NTDEV, creator of the popular Tiny11, has released it live 11A copy of Windows 11 operating system which runs on 4 GB of RAM without installation, from a data memoryAnd micro sd card also DVD recordable.

We all know and have experienced the high technical requirements of the Windows 11 operating system, especially in terms of the obligation to get security chip TPM 2.0, which excludes computers older than 6 or 7 years.

named developer NTDEV He was working a A “clean” version of Windows 11 It removed all Microsoft applications, unnecessary system functions (bloatware), and requirements such as the TPM 2.0 chip.

This version is called small 11It works on older computers with only 2GB of RAM, and you can download it for free now.

Live11 Use Windows 11 without installing

Tiny11 requires installation on your hard drive to work. Now NTDEV has modified it to be able to use it without installation. everyone Windows 11 operating system He works in the ramand you only need 4 GB.

This new version is called live 11it is installed on a flash drive, card Micro SDor classic DVD recordableand works directly from the storage system, without installing anything on the computer.

In this video you can see it a job:

The main function of live 11 The thing is You can try Windows 11 without obligationwithout having to install anything on your computer.

It can also serve as emergency diskif the hard drive or SSD that you installed your version of Windows on is damaged, and you need to access your computer.

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If you are going to use it, keep in mind that it has a series of limitations. Although it only needs 4 GB of RAM to work, It requires 8 GB of RAM in order to boot the system.

Another obvious limitation is that All Windows 11 operating systems run in RAM-any customizations you make to the system, It will disappear when you turn off the computer.

At this time, NTDEV has not disclosed if it is working on a version that can rewrite configuration and customizations on a flash drive or microSD, in the style of Linux distributions that run on external storage.

If you want to try Windows 11 operating system on your computer without installing anythingor have an emergency disk with the system, live 11 It is a version of Windows 11 runs in the ram And No installation needed. Copy it to a file data memoryAnd Memory CardAnd external disk also DVD recordable, and ready. You can download it from your website.

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