Doubts about the LNHH record

Since a week Barcelona HG a hero LNHH Fortunately, in the various headlines, there is little publicity for this sport in our country Confusion About the number of titles for that club, if it’s four or six.

It’s not the only case when the number of addresses causes a certain thing to happen Controversy Among their club fans so we are going to break them down and try to clarify that.


CH Jaca ……………………… .. 13 titles

Blue-white CHH ……………… 12 titles

CG Puigcerdà ………………… .. 6 titles

Old Town / Vizcaya ……… .. 6 titles

Barcelona HG ………………………………………. 4 titles

A real community ……………………. 4 titles

Bibolo CD ……………………… .. 2 title

USA Majadahonda ……………… 1 title

Barcelona HG

The F.C.B, Currently named in the competition Barcelona hockey gelArrives with her last tournament Title IV League. In some media they attributed six to the fact that the competitions played in the seasons have been added 1986/87 s 1987/88.

At the beginning of the season 1985/86 The economic crisis hit Spanish competition hard. Vizcaya, Boadilla, and Vitoria disclaim participation and F.C.B I decided already at the end of the campaign 1981/82 Dedicate only to junior competitions. CH Jaca, CG Puigcerdà and CHH Txuri Urdin were joined at the last minute by a team of Catalan players called Barcelona’85.

The federation that ice hockey was based on at the time, it was Winter Sports Federation (FEDI)He does not believe in competition, which he considers degraded and deficient. Take advantage of prof Conflict with veterans For the national team, including the current president of RFEDH, to decide that the major competition should not take place and be allowed during the seasons. 1986/87 and 1987/88 Contests only Carpentry.

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These two seasons Less than 20 The first and sub21 second, because the players “have grown up,” were called up Miniligas As competitions for beginners they are not included in the list of first-league. Just as Canada is not the undisputed world champion in 2020, despite winning the junior ones.

The calculation of these tournaments is more straightforward when one is their own F.C.B there was Renounce To participate in the league end of the season 1981/82. After the success in the “miniligas”, FC Barcelona will return to the competition, which has resumed in the campaign 1988/89 After recuperation Independent National Ice Commission By the Supreme Council for Sports, CSD directed at the time before Raphael Curtis Elvira, Which would be in constant conflict with FEDI until the current establishment of RFEDH.

CHH blue white

The other big topic under discussion when it comes to the record is that of FC San Sebastian. From the same demands to add the first leagues that he achieved Real community In which they will be the most award-winning club in our competition, b 16 titles.

Although it is true that the Royal Society is the apparent germ of Txuri Urdin, Matthew Ignacio Zaldoa His collaborators create the new entity, in 1974, Create it as a parallel to Real Sociedad and compete with him directly in the league championship.

Zalda, Director of Real Sociedad de Fútbol and one of the businessmen in charge of Ice Palace Txuri UrdinIn 1975, he was appointed president of the National Hockey CommitteeGradually he brings the best Real Sociedad players to the new club. The strange fact is that both clubs will be participating at the same time Coach.

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The transfer of the best players to the new entity and the loss of competitiveness makes Real community She lost interest in the ice hockey team and dropped the division at the end of the season 1975/76, Won the first league Blue white.

Through time Ignacio Apulia As club president, in 2007, And absorbed Txuri Urdin before Real Sociedad Football ClubBut the idea did not come to fruition.

Based on all this, record LNHH It separates the addresses of both entities, but definitely in Saint Sebastian They have another opinion.

Old town / Vizcaya HC

Perhaps this disagreement is easier to resolve. The Vizcaya Hockey Club It is nothing more than a name change Bilbao Old Town Approved by its partners.

After years of success The old town And before the disappearance Portuguese The club members decided to change the name to one that unites hockey fans across the entire county, and the club’s sponsorship certainly had a big role in that. Vizcaina Savings Bank.

CH Jaca, CG Puigcerdà, CD Bipolo, and SAD Majadahonda

In the first two cases, there is no debate about their heroism, 13 jacka s 6 to Puigcerdà. Both clubs were present in the competition from its inception, with the exception of an isolated season in the case of the Catalans, and their clubs barely suffered from Small adjustments And typical updates of the passage of years and times.

The Bibolo CD It arises as a cleavage CD Sumendi By the owners of the sports complex Bach However, the two titles were obtained in the current form, and therefore, it is indisputable. The only punishment with this club is that it is not currently competing at the first level and hopefully it will return to the league soon.

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Finally in case Magadahonda, Despite winning the league in the campaign 1997/98 I will do it like Majadahonda ice hockey This entity disappeared for a few years, between 2002 and 2004, to be replaced by Hilo Madrid on another path. Club promoters and entity spirit embodied in Pancho bravo, Has remained stable since its inception in 1996, so it is indisputable that Title 98 no longer belongs to the current Madrid entity.

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