Billboard On Demand: Science Fiction, Documentaries, and Oscar-Nominated Films

“Raya and the last dragon”

After its release in theaters, starting today, all Disney + subscribers will be able to watch “Stripe and the Last Dragon” at no additional cost.

The film follows the story of Raya, the independent warrior who must find the legendary dragon and the last dragon to stop an evil force that has returned 500 years later to threaten her home, the fabulous Commandra Realm.

Available on Disney +

‘Unexpected passenger’

Anna Kendrick, Tony Collett, and outer space are a good recipe for any movie. In “Unlimited Passenger,” they play investigators on a two-year mission to Mars who discover, shortly after take-off, that there is a stowaway passenger (Shamir Anderson) on the ship. The film was directed and co-written by Joe Pina, who previously directed the survival film “Arctic” starring Mads Mikkelsen.

Available on Netflix

JOJO RABBIT, the best of 2019

Taika Waititi’s (Thor: Ragnarok) bizarre movie about a fanatical Nazi boy who had an invisible boyfriend, and his mother who hides a little Jewish girl at home, in 2019 became one of the crowd’s favorite movies thanks to its mixture of humor, kindness and heartbreaking moments. Kind of “Life is Beautiful”, but with Waititi’s special humor, which always plays to dislodge the audience, this story revolves around a young man who blindly follows National Socialist ideology until he discovers that his mother hides a Jewish girl in the attic of his home is above all the story of how love changes The world and seeing things.

The movie, which was nominated for an Academy Award last year, is now showing on the small screen.

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Available on Directv Go

Oscar nominated films

Sunday is the Oscars and everyone who wants to do their homework can see many candidates on request.

“The Sound of Silence” (picture), available on Amazon Prime Video, is heartbreaking drama about deafness and addiction; “Beautiful Revenge” is a thrilling revenge drama, available for digital rental. “Time”, a documentary about the effects of two prison sentences on a family, which is also a beautiful love story, is shown on Amazon, while the animated movie “Wolfwalkers” can be watched on Apple TV +, in addition to Tom Hanks’ latest: “Greyhound”. Meanwhile, Netflix has several nominees: “Mank”, with the most options (10), relive the “Citizen” story; Three of the five shortlisted documentaries, “The mole agent,” “Crip Camp,” and “My friend the Octopus” can also be watched on Red N, as well as “Shaun the sheep” and “Over”. Moon. ”“ Spirit, ”the great candidate, can be seen on Disney +.

“The year the world changed”: Nature returns to Earth

As part of Earth Day, Apple TV + premiered the documentary The Year The World Changed, a documentary about optimistic nature narrated by British naturalist David Attenborough.

“During this challenging year, many people have learned to appreciate the beauty of the natural world in different ways and find comfort in it,” Attenborough explained.

“But confinement was also a type of experiment that shed light on how our species influences nature. The way in which the ecosystem has responded is evidence that even the smallest changes can have enormous repercussions.”

The documentary includes exclusive footage of how the entire world has been affected by an unprecedented year.

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Available on Apple TV +

Chito Chito, a documentary on art and its potential for emancipation

The documentary “Cheto Cheto” by director and actor Fabio Zuretta has joined the Contar platform. The film depicts how a group of young people lives in an institute for minors and how they can through a cinematic workshop to narrate their dreams and life stories from the perspective of the first person, in addition to the path they take upon entering and leaving each institution, moving from one prison to another, and the sad end for some and the hope of others .

Available at

“Change of habits”, WHOOPI classic

Today arrives in the Disney + “Change of Habits” catalog, the Whoopi Goldberg classic in which the actress is forced to flee the mafia to a monastery.

With her character, she attracts a group of loyal fans and transforms the nun’s choir into an affectionate choir of the Singing Sisters. However, the group gets rave reviews, and surprising celebs threaten their hidden identity. A classic TV movie that goes back to the 90s and back on demand.

Available on Disney +

HEROES DEL SILENCIO owns her documentary

“Héroes: Silencio y Rock & Roll”, a documentary about the legendary band from Zaragoza, arrived today on Netflix to review the path of the successful group formed by Enrique Bonberry, Joaquin Cardel, Pedro Andrew and Juan Valdivia. Directed by Alexis Morante, it reviews the entire career of the most important rock band in the history of Spain.

Available on Netflix

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