Don't be afraid of the Max Payne remake, Take-Two and Remedy conclude their discussion, avoiding consequences for the game's development – Max Payne 1&2 Remake

A few days ago, a complaint appeared from the owners of Rockstar because the Remedy logo was too similar to their studio's logo

It was one of the most curious news of the week. Take-Two filed a complaint against Remedy Entertainment Because its new logo, which was released last April, It has an “R” that is very similar to the one used by Rockstar In his own image. The community was astonished by this move, which remained controversial until September 2023, according to official files, but we now know that the two companies have decided to leave this controversy behind them. In reality, The discussion is long over..

Stephen Totilo, a journalist at Axios, reached out to Remedy to dig deeper into the story. It seems that there is not much that can be added to the topic, as a company representative commented: “There is nothing here to see – This was a discussion between our teams It was resolved completely and amicably At the end of last year.”

As the original news broke, many feared that the dispute between Take-Two and Remedy would have consequences for the company Remake of Max Payne 1 and 2which is being developed in collaboration between Rockstar and the game's creators Alan Wake. But, as the spokesperson put it, no address was affected by the bizarre claim: “The legal offer was merely an initial formality, and Remedy and Take-Two will continue to work together on their collaboration“.

What do we know about the new version of Max Payne 1&2?

However, there is still a long way to go before the Max Payne 1&2 remake sees the light of day. Last time treatment occurred Regarding this expected return, he warned that it is still in the early stages of development: “The new version of Max Payne 1&2 has advanced in Preparation stage for production. We have gained clarity in the style and approach of play, and we have an exceptionally well-organized team working on it. With these achievements, we are excited about the project and its future success.

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