Do you want to work in Canada? Companies are looking for Mexicans who want a chance

There are a variety of jobs that Mexican immigrants usually find in Canada.

In an effort to meet the increasing demand for employees in various sectors, companies have… Quebec, CanadaThey are looking for Mexican workers.

The opportunity to work in the Nordic country has become a reality, as nearly 30 companies will send Quebecers to travel to Mexico in November 25 and 26 To interview shortlisted candidates at the “Quebec MEXICO Days” staff meeting.

This initiative has aroused great interest among Mexicans looking for international work experience, as the studies they request range from full high school to university, depending on the desired job and registration will be open until… October 23, 2023.

Job opportunity for Mexicans in Canada in the field of mechanics (Keepsent)

Sectors providing jobs include construction, manufacturing, manufacturing, hotels, hospitality, aerospace, forestry and logging, engineering, healthcare, information technology and food processing.

It is important to note that candidates are advised to only apply for vacancies that fit their profile and meet the upload requirements, as applications that do not meet the requirements will be automatically rejected.

The benefits of working in Quebec, Canada, are diverse and attractive. Changing countries provides the opportunity to experience a new culture and diverse work environment. In addition, Canada boasts a high-quality healthcare system, outstanding education, and an enviable quality of life.

Another field in which Mexican workers are in demand in Canada is the field of engineering (Keepsent).

Registration is open and interviews will be held on November 25 and 26. This process provides Mexican candidates with a unique opportunity to explore a new career horizon in Canada and contribute to the growth of companies in Quebec.

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In an increasingly globalized world, this initiative represents a bridge of opportunity between Mexico and Canada, providing a fresh start for those looking for an international work experience in one of Canada's most prosperous and welcoming provinces.

If you have questions about jobs, you must register to be able to apply through the page Official

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