Shark tank Mexico. Arturo Elias Ayoub remembers how the program started

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businessman Arturo Elia Ayoub He just finished his stage as a member of shark tankIt is a program that has achieved great popularity among viewers due to its receptiveness to entrepreneurs who have come to seek financial support and guidance for their projects.

But why did you join this entrepreneurship and business reality show? The director of Fundación Telmex told it himself as a guest on the comedy podcast parrot

First, Elias Ayoub told drivers Ricardo Perez and Slobotsky, “It’s been 6 years and they have flown away. It was a great experience, I had a great time“.

“I run Claro Video, so I’m negotiating with all the studios to get the content from the different studios and one of those studios is Sony,” the businessman recalls.

So, when negotiating with Sony, “One day I told Mr. Marin, who was director of Latin America: “I love shark tank From the United States, they should bring it to Mexico.”. “Okay, but come on, think about it,” he said to me. I like it so much shark tank And I told him Ural go and I will choose other sharks“”.

By agreeing to the programme, Arturo spoke with Rodrigo, Jorge Vergara and Carlos Bremer, “They were all friends. I spoke to two or three women to get involved as well.”

They were a little afraid of security, and the theme was ‘There will be a lot of exposure“… In short, Anna Victoria ended up staying in that first season, the only one I didn’t pick, the production picked her and she’s a very dirty fourth, too good for new projects. And that’s the story.”

Finally, the businessman admitted that “I thought I’d stay for a season, but what’s unbelievable shark tank is that it motivates a lot to open a business, I am convinced that the only real way to fight poverty in Mexico and in the world is through action. You can give a thousand aspirin, but the antibiotic is called labor. And who gives the work? Which creates jobs, businesses and entrepreneurs. So, the more entrepreneurial culture we have, the better for us.”

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