The restaurant and transport sector is running out of work in the UK

kingdom United I executed a new file Point immigration systems. There is a shortage of workers and they have no manpower.

To obtain a visa, a 25000 pounds minimum wage, equivalent to about 30 thousand euros. In addition, you must also pass English exam, among other requirements.

Products are also missing in supermarkets. This is due to the shortage of truck drivers, about 100,000 fewer.

This makes things difficult for UK entrepreneurs. Therefore, they should improve the economic conditions of the employees to attract more workers.

The BrixiAdded to the coronavirus pandemic has consequences. The hotel and restaurant sector is one of the hardest hit sectors. This is due to the lack of qualified people. Another reason is higher fees To import Spanish or European products, because they are expensive.

Salaries go up, but not employment

Now and since the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, due to the lack of workforce, salaries start to increase. The middle position chef earns between £11-12 an hour. However, after the arrival of the pandemic and Brexit, their prices are no less than 13 or 15 pounds per hour.

As a result, they look forced to cut hours Open restaurants and reduce menus. There is no specialized labor like chefs.

Another problem is Shortage of candidates, especially Spanish. 75% of the restoration workers were European.

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