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Specialists from the space agency have found a weak point in the Earth’s magnetic field.

A surprising discovery NASA’s discovery reveals “anomalies” of the Bermuda Triangle, space agency specialists have found a weak point in the Earth’s magnetic field. Specialists from the space agency have found a weak point in the Earth’s magnetic field.

A new NASA discovery could explain the “mysterious” disappearance of boats and planes in the Bermuda Triangle between Miami, the Bahamas and Puerto Rico.

According to space agency scientists, Earth’s magnetic field has a “continental United States size” weakness looming over South America and the South Atlantic.

NASA specialists also point out that we are immune to impacts on Earth, but satellites are not so lucky: when they pass through the anomaly, they are bombarded with radiation “more intense than anywhere else in orbit.”

This anomaly, known as the South Atlantic Anomaly (AAS), or the “Bermuda Triangle of Space” in general, is a region located at the point where the Earth’s magnetic field is particularly weak.

The region that includes the “mysterious” Bermuda Triangle. Image courtesy

This means that solar cosmic ray particles are not being retained in the Bermuda Triangle in the same way as in other parts of the planet. As a result, sunlight travels up to 124 miles to the Earth’s surface, in an array of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) probes.

“I don’t like the title of the Bermuda Triangle, but in that area, the reduced intensity of the geomagnetic field increases the satellites’ exposure to energetic particles … to the point where the spacecraft could be damaged as it transits the region,” said John Tarduno, a professor of geophysics at the University of Rochester. .

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“Thus, satellites passing through the Bermuda Triangle will encounter greater amounts of radiation to the point that damage may be caused by a discharge or an electric arc,” Tarduno said.

Multiple satellites were affected by touching this exposed area. Image courtesy

The Earth’s magnetic field usually protects between 620 and 37,000 miles above the planet’s surface, but the low altitude of the hotspot places it inside the orbit of some satellites, which are bombarded by protons with energies exceeding 10 million electron volts.

In the early days of the International Space Station (ISS), a standard third-generation space station, the anomaly of the Bermuda Triangle prevented the astronauts’ computers, forcing the space agencies to shut down their on-board systems.

Some astronauts have reported seeing strange white lights flashing before their eyes, and measures have since been taken to protect them while transiting this region of planet Earth.

For NASA scientists Weijia Quang and Andrew Tangborn, the anomaly of the Bermuda Triangle is moving east and increasing in size. According to his calculations, in five years, it could increase by roughly 10 percent compared to the last values ​​recorded in 2019.

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