Two hikers found the wreckage of a plane that crashed 73 years ago

According to what was reported by the British media, the Daily Record, The wreck belongs to British Airways Flight S200P, which collapsed and caught fire after crashing into a mountain on April 21, 1948. Of the 16 passengers, only 13 were injured and no fatalities.

According to records of that time, The plane took off at 15:09 Argentine time. An hour later, air traffic control did Airport Glasgow Grant him permission to approach the runway. Near the air station, the plane hit Irish law and split into three. A subsequent investigation revealed that the cause was an experimental error, as no technical problems were detected.

“Catherine, my friend and hiking partner, was exploring all the local hills. We never expected to find anything like this. We didn’t even know about the accident,” Pamela told The Sun.

Unlike the strange story in Scotland, what happened in America was a tragedy. Three people were killed and another wounded after a pilot failed to reach the runway at the airport. The plane crashed into a car in a residential neighborhood.

The tragedy occurred in Florida. Everything was recorded by the security cameras of a house in the area. There you can see how the pilot, who wanted to disembark at North Berry Airport, collided with the asphalt, with the misfortune that a family was driving around in their car.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that something like this has happened. According to a local chain, there have been five accidents over the past 10 months, four of them fatal, with a total of five deaths. There have been a lot of plane accidents. It’s very devastating, especially what happened to these people. It is very sad. We are very afraid, but no one is doing anything to change the situation. A neighbor confirmed that this would continue.

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The accident is being investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration and the United States National Transportation Safety Board.

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