Diego Perez’s word on his health after the sudden suspension of Toc Toc’s job

The actor and comedian was unable to attend the Toc Toc party on Thursday

Comafi Multiteatro reached out on Thursday night via its social networks Job Suspension Knock KnockThe hit play that has been on the bill for 11 years. As mentioned, The reason fell on a Diego Perez’s physical discomfort, a member of the leading cast. in conversation with TV Showthe actor He confirmed that he was exposed to an unexpected high pressure And tell us how it is.

The comedy is performed Wednesday through Sunday on Corrientes Street – with a double function on Saturdays – but exceptionally on Thursdays they announced that the cast would not go on stage. As the theater explained on its Twitter account, the comedian explained that he unexpectedly felt a mosquito. “I experienced peak stress, but fortunately, all studies are going well and everything is decreasing little by little.”Peres confirmed when consulting this way.

Comafi Multiteatro Statement to Suspend Toc Toc . Job
Comafi Multiteatro Statement to Suspend Toc Toc . Job

And about the possibility of taking days to rest, he explained that he recovered quickly and consulted doctors for prevention. “Rest I won’t take, unless the doctor specially tells me, so if I can perform tomorrow, I will, as is appropriate”, handle. And added: “I am one of those who never want to miss them”. In this sense, he emphasized that he is proud to be part of a novel that has renewed her encounter with the public for more than a decade.

For its part, Comafi Multiteatro published a tweet explaining this All tickets will be returned or exchanged, as the viewer chooses, through the same channels through which they were purchased. The casting was completed by Ernesto Claudio, Natasha Cordoba, Diego Frigdo, Gabriella Greenblatt, Gabriella Licht and Maura Listingi. The play broke all records with over two million viewers and the concept of health at its best. Written by French writer Laurent Baffee, The plot focuses on six characters who suffer from various obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD) and find themselves in a psychiatrist’s waiting room.in order to solve your problems. However, the psychoanalyst will never go to therapy and they will be the ones to come to their own conclusions.

Diego Perez is part of the cast of Toc Toc, the hit play that has been on the bill for 11 years.
Diego Perez is part of the cast of Toc Toc, the hit play that has been on the bill for 11 years.

Under the direction of Lía Jelín, the characters enrich the hilarious plot: Camilo, a taxi driver counts everything; Blanca, a woman obsessed with cleanliness; Lily, who repeats everything you say twice; Otto, who arranges everything symmetrically; Maria Auxiliadora, who is obsessed with checking everything she does; And Alfredo, who suffers from Tourette’s syndrome. The idea of ​​improvised group therapy to relieve the wait is gaining prominence and the conversations revolve around the struggles they experience in daily life every time they face their worst fears.

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We must remember that last January Previous Show match He lost a wallet with all his documents On public roads during a short stay in Mar del Plata before the comedy replay on Corrientes Street, and after posting it on his social networks he was lucky to get it back. “Thank you to everyone who cared about me and worried about me. I have become myself again, all my life, the green card, the cards, the registration, they have been there, and there are still good people in this world. I am so touched by everyone’s solidarity, thank you infinite,” he said in that time.

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