University of Harrisburg arrives in the country to strengthen science and technology programs

Due to the new dynamics generated by the pandemic, as digitization and use of telecommunications has accelerated, the demand for programs based on science, technology, engineering or mathematics, known as STEM jobs, has increased. To meet these needs, University of Harrisburg It officially started its operation in Latin America with its regional headquarters located in Ciudad del Saber (Panama).

Kevin Huggins, President of the University in Latin America, Commenting that the main objective of the university start-up in Columbia is “Offering cutting-edge programs and research opportunities in science and technology that prepare students for the challenges of a changing world, led by teachers of the highest caliber in the United States, with programs that have passed stringent quality standards.”

Harrisburg University offers two graduate programs, a Master of Science focused on analytics and a Master of Science in Project Management. Both will be taught in a blended format starting in January 2022. Online classes will be held once a week under the guidance of teachers located in the United States; On one weekend per month, students will be able to travel to Panama where they will be personally received by the class from the campus in Ciudad del Saber by professors who will be traveling from the United States.

“Latin American students will have the same modern resources, research centers and technology that the university has in the United States, but with the facilities to continue their activities in Colombia.” Kevin Huggins, President of the University of Harrisburg in Latin America.

Students will be immersed in a hands-on learning environment. This includes engaging in special research projects, undertaking carefully selected training programs to work in their respective fields, and immersing themselves in the rich experiences offered by the university’s research centers. Through these focus centers, students often work alongside prestigious government organizations and corporations to find solutions to real-world challenges.

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Headquarters in Knowledge City for Colombian Students

The University of Harrisburg, as a subsidiary of the City of Knowledge, has the advantage of being able to provide its students with a campus experience of the technology and business park. The synergies between this education system and community innovation are a defining factor of the university, which also provides sports spaces, green areas, and even university housing for students.

An additional benefit that HULATAM offers to Colombian students who enroll full-time (six credits) at the headquarters location in Panama is the possibility of receiving a scholarship of US$1,500 (US$) per semester, which means a reduction in tuition and fees by About 30 percent.

In addition, up to 10 students will be considered for a 50 percent scholarship. This scholarship is based on the student’s CV and previous academic achievements.

Getting a scholarship at HULATAM is easy. Students accepted into this place will automatically be considered when they request this feature online through:

For more information: [email protected]

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