Did Netflix Save the Morbius Sequel?

MADRID, September 16 (Culture and Entertainment) –

after Disappointing pass through theatersAnd the Morbius has landed in the Neflix catalog for some countries, including the United States, without much expectation. However, the movie starring Jared Leto It is among the most watched streaming services in the world And there are already those who are wondering if this can give them the green light So far an unlikely sequel.

Morbius was a failure at the box office.which only reached 160 million dollars after its premiere on April 1, 2022. However, it managed to achieve great success excitement on social networks, Where, after the effect Created by “It’s Morbin Time” meme, Sony decided to re-release the movie in theaters from all over the world.

But, again, he did quite well, only accessing $163 million from collections. June 29 Morbius It came in physical form With a release on Blu-ray, UHD 4K and steelbook, and later on Netflix, where The film became the second most watched movie on the streaming platform in the United States and the fifth globally. (Despite the fact that it is not yet available in many countries, such as Spain).

Post-credits scene in Morbiuswhich showed A meeting between Jared Leto and Michael Keaton’s vultureled to more vampire adventures, although it’s more than just a solo sequel It seems that he is risking the formation of Sinister 6, the group of villains from the world of Spider-Man.

However, maybe The new audience the movie is now reaching through the streaming service It could make Sony rethink its projects and give the go-ahead for a Morbius sequel. The above-mentioned Sinister Six confirmed future plansAnd in 2023 Kraven the Hunter movie released Starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

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Marvel also has more Planning to continue the world of Spidermanlike madam movie onlineanother sequel to Venom and a spin-off with superhero El Muerto.

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