Elon Musk will take you to Mars, but his satellites won’t allow you to see the stars at night

In 2007, the magazine luck He published an article on PayPal Mafia. A group of young entrepreneurs who have launched other successful ventures after revolutionizing online payment. As in the movie Mafia, that picture was missing. one of Elon Musk, He was kicked out of the group because of his personality.

The dreamy businessman or the main villain of capitalism, Elon Musk is the most controversial man in the world Silicon Valley. All your bets are risky. It is not known how much debt your investment carries. Just Tesla, Your star company is listed and its balance sheets are public. However, he did manage to become the richest man in the world – or second, depending on the stats you see.

Tesla creator, the man who dreams of creativity Colony on MarsHe is a man addicted to provocation. He is one of the businessmen who made promises, saved the least of them, and generated the most controversy. His latest decision, to expand the missile launch base in Texas, will cause an entire town to disappear. Christ’s technological face collides with the reality of an unscrupulous businessman.

Its Starlink satellite network will take the internet to the most remote places on the planet, but it may interfere with it Earthly astronomical observations. Tesla’s commitment to green mobility contrasts with Musk’s support for cryptocurrencies, due to its high electricity consumption. In this video, we explain the contradictions of the most famous businessman in the United States.

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