Destiny 2 explains the changes to the game engine that caused PC performance issues

Bungie explains what happened after introducing Beyond Light and says that working from home made the process difficult.

If you are a player Fate 2 And you do it in ComputerAnd the good news. As you surely know, the launch of the latest expansion of the game, beyond the light, the controversy because the game started Suffers from errors on the computer He didn’t have it until then. This infuriated fans who had a hard time enjoying the game, but it looks like it The bug will be fixed.

We made some major engine changes while working from homebungeeThe new expansion made Game performance will decrease significantly on PC blurring its output where the content was fine, like We tell you in our analysis. at New Publication On Bungie’s website, the study states that it has found the problem and that work on the solution. Now we know that some Engine changes The game was causing the problems.

Test and improve performance on PC It’s too complicated Due to different combinations of hardware, software and game settings. With the launch of Beyond Light, we made Some important changes on the engine while working from home,” Bungie commented. The problem is that remote work has affected the evolution of these changes.

“One of the unfortunate consequences of working from home is that We did not have access Our compatibility lab With the PC for in-depth testing of the effects of our changes on performance. As a result, the update Unfortunate discounts introduced performance in some computer hardware configurations,” the study explained.

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We are reluctant to promise a solution, even though we make regular improvementsbungeeAlthough some adjustments have been made, the big changes are yet to come. Still, Bungie’s Repair method The game, although it is not clear even when everything is fine. “Since it is difficult to predict how much performance will improve with each change, we have shown ourselves They refuse to promise a solution, although we are making regular performance improvements,” Bungie said.

“Now, the game performance It’s close to what it was before of Beyond Light for some PC configurations,” said Bungie, who showed optimistic For the future to fix problems. Remember that one of the novelties that will be presented in the title is cross game, which is something in high demand. In the The fifteenth season will be shown, which can already be tested.

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