Delta variable: Angela Merkel warned of exponential growth of cases in Germany | “We will double the number of infections in less than two weeks,” the German chancellor said.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has expressed concern about the “exponential growth” of coronavirus cases, especially due to the development delta variable. “Every vaccine is a step back”Merkel expressed her appreciation, insisting that the authorities’ goal was to avoid an overburdening of the German health system as a result of the new increase in infections. In this sense, the chancellor asked residents to continue to respect precautionary measures such as the use of masks and respect for social distancing.

“We have a huge growth in infections. This dynamic seems worrying to me,” Merkel said at a press conference from Berlin. “We have to assume that we will double the number of infections in less than two weeks.”German Chancellor commented.

Since mid-July, the number of new daily cases of covid-19 has exceeded the 1,000 on average: Robert Koch Institute The health watchdog said this Thursday that Detection of 1890 cases within 24 hours.

in the face of progress delta variable, which has already become Main in Germany and in many parts of EuropeThe chancellor emphasized that vaccination is more important than ever. “Every vaccination is important. Each vaccination is a step, a small step, towards a return to normalcy for all. The more we vaccinate, the freer we will be again. Not only as individuals, but also as a society.”

“The vaccine protects you and the people you love protect you. I say to everyone who has been vaccinated: try to rally and convince othersقناع, either with family or friends, on the football field,” Merkel insisted at her usual summer press conference, the twenty-ninth since she became chancellor and possibly the last, because she had already announced that she would not be a candidate in General elections on September 26.

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Until now Germany vaccinated 60.4 percent of its population with one dose and 48 percent with both, although the vaccination rate has slowed in recent weeks. It must be remembered that vaccination against COVID-19 in the country is not mandatory.

Merkel left the door open to the possibility of resorting to new restrictions if the number of infections continues to increase in an “imminent fourth wave” so as not to “overload the health system”.. The Minister of Health, Jens Spahn, had expressed himself in the same line on Wednesday.

According to data from the Robert Koch Institute, 91,477 people have died and more than 3.7 million have been infected with the Coronavirus in Germany since the beginning of the epidemic. Germany’s infection rate is still low compared to other European countries, although the risk of an apparent increase in injuries by the delta variant increased again The debate over whether it is necessary to re-impose restrictions on public life that have risen in recent weeks.

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