Dead, missing and thousands of people evacuated due to floods in Chile

Two dead and six missing7,977 isolated and 3,383 victims left Floods due to rain in the central region of ChileHome Secretary Carolina Toh said Sunday.

The Chilean official said: “The situation at night (from Saturday to Sunday) means a significant improvement in a large part of the affected lands, but there are still very worrying situations.”

Toh reported that 54 homes were destroyed, 751 were badly damaged and 1,578 people were in shelters.

The minister highlighted the case of the town of Ikon in the Opel district, which was completely flooded. “There will be a major evacuation effort,” the AFP news agency said.

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Aerial images broadcast on television from cities such as Koltaco and Licantan show the scale of the crisis.

In the first of these, in the O’Higgins district and 120 kilometers south of Santiago, the Cachapoal River outlet flooded 80% of the city and left 200 people isolated.

In Lisanten, in the Muli district 210 kilometers from the capital, 700 people were isolated and almost all of its buildings, including the hospital, were flooded due to the flooding of the Mataquito River.

The flow of rivers out of their channels has caused some major highways to be cut off, such as the one that connects the country from north to south, and the road that runs from Santiago to the city and port of Valparaiso.

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In addition, it was reported that the railway bridges were damaged by the force of the rivers.

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Some of the areas affected by floods last summer saw massive forest fires that destroyed 439,000 hectares and caused 26 deaths.

The heavy rains, which began on Thursday, were concentrated in a few hours, mainly in the Andes mountains and foothills, where snow usually falls. AFP concluded that this caused severe erosion in the hills and a rapid increase in river flows.

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