Cuba in Ecuador offered job opportunities with Al Jazeera (+ photos)

The island’s First Deputy Minister of Economy and Planning, Mildry Granadillo, stated that the improvement of the economic scenario includes for the first time among micro, small and medium-sized private and government actors (MSMEs).

The official stated that the challenge now is to restore the level of economic activity that was lost during the Covid-19 pandemic and identified that the priority is the introduction of foreign currency.

To achieve this goal, Granadillo explained that foreign investment is necessary, and the Cuban government has taken measures in order to ensure the return of what is intended for business with foreign capital.

He also referred to the decision to allow foreign investment in wholesale and retail trade.

Many of the entrepreneurs present at the meeting were interested in starting or expanding their business on the island in areas such as food production, importing equipment and spare parts for transportation, as well as selling Cuban products in Ecuador.

Among the issues discussed was the impact of the US embargo on the Caribbean nation on the financial system, which impedes payments and transfers between Cuba and Ecuador, although alternatives are being sought.

In statements to Prensa Latina, the Vice President expressed his satisfaction with the exchange, in which the interests of businessmen, Cubans and foreigners, were largely in line with the strategic goals of the development of the Antilles.

Among the proposals to invest in Cuba are food production, logistics, freight forwarders, professional services, and the export of Cuban products such as rum.

Granadillo is on a working visit to Ecuador, where last week he participated in the 14th Ministerial Forum on Development in Latin America and the Caribbean, then held meetings with representatives of the Ecuadorean government.

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