COVID-19 Vaccine in Edomex: Second dose for adults 40-49 years old in these 20 municipalities

(Photo: CDMX)

it’s a July 26 Application of the second dose of the vaccine against COVID-19 to people 40 to 49 years old in 20 municipalities in the State of Mexico, according to the Mexican government.

Through a statement, the authorities reported that the vaccination plan will be completed on Monday for adults of the above age group. Cuautitlán Izcalli, Cuautitlán, Coyotepec, Teoloyucan, Atenco, Chiautla, Chiconcuac, Chicoloapan, Papalotla, Tepetlaoxtoc, Texcoco, Tezoyuca, Atlautla, Ayapango, Ecatzingo, Juchaitepecat, Ozumbix.

The vaccination will be carried out according to a schedule 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM According to the municipality and the first letter of the first surname.

In order to obtain the biological material, the authorities asked to go according to the exact day and time when the vaccine registration was obtained. The requirements for obtaining the vaccine without problems and to speed up the process are as follows:

invoice Apply the first dose of the vaccine


– a Identification card This proves age.

– guide for Tabuk Where the municipality residence has been approved تم

– view profile National health card

– Immunization form printed with QR Code To be filled out and downloaded from the site

(Photo: CDMX)
(Photo: CDMX)

It is recommended that all persons fill out the form with the required information, except for the type of vaccine, batch number and date it will come.Accelerate and speed up access to places.

to consult with places, as well as timetables and method (pedestrians and vehicles) On this vaccination day, you should refer to page 2 of this website:

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The Mexican government stressed that the vaccine is free and safe, so it is not necessary to spend the night or reach the units at dawn, and try as much as possible to arrange their arrival so that they are not exposed to long lines or crowds. that put your health at risk.

In addition, he recommended going to breakfast and in case of being cured of any ailment, taking the appropriate medicines on time.

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