Congress News – The Committee on Science, Technology and Innovation learned about the integration of the Center for the Sustainable Network

The Science, Technology and Innovation Committee learned about the integration of the sustainable network axis – innovation and sustainability – which aims to enhance private sector participation and social representation to advance strategies towards true sustainable development.

The head of the legislature, Rep. Mariville Solís Barrera (Morena), commented that the integration and operation of a network to respond to the needs of society in terms of sustainability is a major challenge; But “joint action will allow us to further our goals.”

He specifically noted that it is another goal being achieved today and that it opens up a range of possibilities for sustainable development; It’s the eleventh, and it’s called Sustainable Cities and Communities. He commented that it will be truly strengthened if we all cooperate in the interest of the environment and with a commitment to be socially responsible companies and citizens.

“When this legislature started, they had very clear goals: Legislation with a focus on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It was done and developed because 15 companies are here to unite the work with legislators and legislators into one goal.”

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