Complete nuclear medicine studies are already underway at La Pampa – RADIO DON

Positron emission tomography (PET) equipment was added from a political decision of the Pampas government, along with the private sub-sector, to expand the possibility of care in full nuclear medicine studies within the Pampas territory.

For seven months, a positron emission tomography (PET/CT) machine was installed to conduct studies primarily on cancer patients, previously referred to Buenos Aires or Córdoba provinces.

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, Gustavo Vera, highlighted the importance of having this technology and avoiding transfers that involve movements of up to three days.

“In the case of the non-contributing patients, for whom the province paid their salaries, they had to move to the Casa de la Pampa, add accommodations and conduct studies; that in the case of the population weakened by the disease they had, this was a difficult situation to navigate,” he added: “Being in Santa Rosa, Meghan’s fixer, it allows for referrals to be avoided.”

The official explained that this equipment is state-of-the-art, as it uses small amounts of radioactive materials called radiopharmaceuticals, a special camera and a computer to assess the functions of tissues and organs.

“It fills us with pride, as people of the Pampas, because many large places, such as Bahía Blanca, do not have this equipment. Here, every patient with a medical indication will be treated in time. In the case of patients who do not have social work the state will take care of him as It has always been. And for those who own it, it will be their social work that finances it. In both cases, before traveling to other centers; “It is a great advance, a special service supported by the state,” the official added.

“trained staff”

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For her part, Graciella Melado, a nuclear medicine specialist at Megan Medical Center, explained that the team is a hybrid team called a PET/CT that consists of a PET (positron emission tomography) and a multislice tomography machine.

“There are two components: one provides metabolic information by injecting the patient with a radiopharmaceutical, allowing functional metabolic information to be obtained, and morphological information is obtained using tomography; then both images are combined, and metabolic and morphological information is obtained with the two studies.”

The project to acquire this equipment began years ago, as the facilities had to be adapted and after the purchase today many derivations have been avoided.

“In addition to the equipment, there is a need for trained people, not only in the medical part but also in the technical part. In medicine, the training is both a nuclear medicine specialist and a tomography specialist, and technicians who are usually trained, in addition to their training in nuclear medicine year, on the PET procedure, and some have imaging degrees trained on both,” senior.

The specialist said that the most used radioactive materials suffer early decay every 110 minutes, so a complete logistics of transportation from Buenos Aires (by road) is being established. “There is an entire team within the institution, governed by the Nuclear Regulatory Authority, to be able to work with the relevant licenses,” he said.

Since the work began, the service proposal has been sent to all social works, as well as to the county government.

“We are working with the government, unions, private social business and PAMI, this allows the sparsely populated county to have the latest technology, and already in 2008 we brought another hybrid equipment for general nuclear medicine, SPECT / CT which consists of a SPECT gamma camera and a multi-slice tomography This works with other radioactive materials and it was, at the time, the second team that went into the country, the first from inside the country, and then we had to go into this extra team, to give the full service that it does to nuclear medicine.”

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