Colombia coach warned, after winning the World Baseball Classic

Colombian national team co-manager World Classic BaseballJúlbert Cabrera confirmed his ninth win in his debut against Mexico “Nothing changes, we must continue step by step, with the same mentality that we have to face every game.”

Speaking to Agencia EFE from Phoenix (AZ, USA), Cabrera said that “We will continue to take responsibility for the following matches And the conviction that we can move on to the next stage.”

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Colombia defeated Mexico 5-4 at the start of Group C World Baseball Classic 2023which also includes the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

The Colombian team know they need two more wins to have a chance of qualifying for the final stages of the tournament.

Colombia, who had Sunday’s rest, will play again on Monday against Great Britain “World Baseball Classic Cinderella” and that in his debut he lost 6-2 to the United States.

“We are not going to look down on Great Britain because things in baseball are not easy and we will continue to work with the great players we have to advance in the championship.”“The goal is progress,” Cabrera added

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On Tuesday, the Coffee Growers will face Canada and wrap up their group entry on Wednesday against the United States, the defending champions they won in 2017 at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

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For baseball commentator Marcos Perez “Colombia is a team made and built with good players and sprinkled with great teams from the major leagues in the United States.”

He highlighted that Mexico has struggled with the pitches of Guillermo Zúñiga, the catch of Giovanni Orcilla, and the juniors Dian Frias and Jordan Diaz, of whom he said. “They really are in baseball in the United States.”he told EFE.

by the journalist Orlando palms And he saw in statements to Agencia EFE that the advantage of Colombia’s victory lies in the fact that everyone in the Mexican national team has experience in the major leagues, in addition to the presence of Julio Urías, the best Mexican player today.

Urías finished with the best ERA in the National League, also won 17 games and was a Cy Young Award nominee.He said adding that “Colombia has nothing to lose and a lot to gain, and if they beat Canada, that will be the big news.”But if Canada wins, then naturally that will happen and the same thing will happen with the United States.”

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