Claudio Campos, Chilean arrested in UK

The citizen, who also served a stint in English football, was convicted of brutally beating a priest who left him in hospital in a critical condition, an offense for which he was sentenced to three years in prison.

It is common to hear the saying “there is always a Chilean” when a citizen participates in an international news event, and this does not always mean something positive. This is the case Claudio Camposa citizen who appeared on the list of criminals arrested in United kingdom.

The article you posted This is how the Manchester Evening News gathers. “16 notorious criminals from all over the UK imprisoned in October”where they compiled a series of crimes that shocked that nation, noting that they were “some of the Most shocking in court cases that have been reported in recent weeks.

Among those was Claudio Campos, the 28-year-old Chilean who had been in the news a few years ago for being part of a team in the third tier of the English National League who recently He was arrested after being accused of severely beating a Sikh priest.

Claudio Campos case

According to the aforementioned media, the local press described the Chilean as “ “Thug” accused of attacking in broad daylight and “without justifiable reason” On the street in front of a Sikh priest, the victim was identified as a 62-year-old man Avatar Singh.

The beating took place on the afternoon of June 23 in Manchester city centre, when Campos’ Polish girlfriend denounced being harassed by a man who “touched her ass”and then referred to this priest as the alleged perpetrator.

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After this situation, according to the CCTV log in the sector, the Chilean was caught chasing Singh while trying to escape, when the citizen finally approached from the side and He hit him on the head twice in quick succession before another hit on the head sent him to the ground.”

fugitive from justice

According to British media, Claudio Campos was also a fugitive for about three months before he was arrested by local authorities at a property located in the suburb of Fallowfield, where a series of items were also confiscated, including A fully packed suitcase containing the jacket he was wearing.

During Claudio Campos’ trial, this was detailed The victim was left in a critical condition after the beatingdue to which he suffered “a serious brain injury, a stroke caused by bleeding in the brain, multiple fractures of the cheek, jaw and eye socket”.

In fact, the priest is still in the hospital due to the complexity of his health, explaining that he was there Those with vision problems who require medical care 24 hours a day.

It’s finally fixed The Chilean “pleded guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm”which although the judge in the case stated that the maximum sentence that could be issued against him was five years in prison, it was eventually reduced to Three years behind bars for his statements.

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football career

Through social networks, he also realized after the arrest of Claudio Campos that he was a player in the football team. Wythenshawe Amateur FC of the third category National League From England, he even played matches in the 2020/21 FA Cup.

It was exactly in September 2020 that the citizen was granted Agriculture Radio Interviewwhere he reviewed his football career and how he reached Europe after passing a formative step Italian Audax.

In a conversation with national media, Campos stated that he came to the said team “because my former coach from the previous club was part of the coaching staff and took me. He offered me to go and join the project and since I worked with him already, I accepted. We both know each other and it will be an important factor. Adapting to the new club.

On that occasion, he also mentioned that his arrival in Europe took place in 2016 when he had the option to play in Spaina country in which he stayed for two years before receiving an offer from England which could not be finalized at that time “because I am from outside the community and the offer has been suspended”.

Looking at that, Claudio Campos pointed it out I went back to Chile and after a few months I decided to travel to England; I sent my resume and videos to various videos until they decided to assign me to a club in Scunthorpe, near Hull. ”

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On the other hand, he stated that His dream was to ‘get to Wembley for the final and leave Chile at the highest level. As a player, he is a representation of the values ​​of my beloved people, I am part of Chile who is here and I want to write my own story.”

Finally, in an interview with Deportes Agricturra, he mentioned that his two references are Alexis Sánchez and Jamie Vardy, emphasizing about the England striker “I would like to get to where he is, and make a name for myself in England. In some places they already recognize me and that speaks volumes for my work.” . Making a name for myself here will be important to my career.”

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