It is already known how long Final Fantasy 16’s exclusivity will last on PS5, as confirmed by PlayStation itself in an announcement – Final Fantasy XVI

It’s a full barrage of information about Final Fantasy XVI and lovers Final Fantasy Series feed on it. It was already known that the title was developed by Square Enix would have come from Exclusively for PS5, but the duration was completely unknown. It’s obviously coming to other platforms, but for now it’s going to be on the PlayStation console for a while.

Final Fantasy XVI will be exclusive to PS5 for six months as confirmed by PlayStation in an announcement

Sony also confirmed itself in one of its usual operationsDualSense adsit was possible to see a small excerpt from Final Fantasy 16 where the following sentence appears: “Final Fantasy XVI is planned for Summer 2023. PS5 Exclusive for six monthsAfter those six months, it is already known that, as expected, it will reach the rest of the platforms such as PC and Xbox Series. Its release date is still unknownbut will be Very soon when Square Enix shares it.

Screenshot extracted from Resetera belongs to 00:16 from the PlayStation ad

What can be clear from this is that Final Fantasy 16 It will arrive at least on PS5 on June 21, 2023 and at the latest on September 21 of the same year. It will be available on other platforms between December 21 next year and March 21, 2024. It wasn’t the only thing shared these days, but Title duration will swing between the 30 and 40 hours To complete the main campaign, but the secondary content will cover several more hours.

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Other great Square Enix titles will also arrive throughout 2023

The The upcoming triple titles Which Square Enix considers very important. It will arrive in a few months sincerewhich we actually played a few weeks ago and one of our conclusions is that Promise to change the rules with him Magic Parkour. Along the same lines Final fantasy 7 rebirth It is a long-awaited work by users that will arrive end of 2023.

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