Ciudad Emergente returns, a symbolic event of youth culture

Summary of the “Emerging City” festival, which will be held in Buenos Aires, from 7-9 October 2022.

Fifteenth Edition of Emerging City FestivalOctober 7-9 from 2 p.m. Residents and tourists can enjoy the emerging music scene and trends in music, urban culture, visual arts, technology, fashion and design, among other cultural activities. It will be in the forests of Palermo, in a restored natural and green environment.

This year, the festival proposes to tour and experience the emerging and federal culture in the open air. There will be music, visuals, urban culture, technology, sports, literature, performance, fashion and design, gastronomy, the Emergentito space – with special activities for children – and the new Buenos Aires green space. Programming will be available at And through BOTI, the virtual assistant for Whatsapp of the City.

This release’s programming reflects the emerging rock, pop, urban and indie scene. Over 100 bands will perform on two stages facing each other at the ends of the venue. In the main stages, the closing of each day will be in charge of the leading DJs.

Also, this year, emerging He went on tour and was present at the events We are activein the municipality of Tres de Febreiro, and in Pinamar showsFrom the seaside resort. Local bands played at both events and two bands from each city were selected to perform at one of the festival stages in Buenos Aires. In the case of Tres de Febrero, the teams that will play in Emergente are sabotage s paraleia; And who will they play from bainamar? xAlteregOx s voodoo nap.

The urban culture space It will have freestyle, trap, rap, scratch and break, a space full of hip-hop culture. In addition, innovative urban sports such as bubble soccer and Quidditch, and alternative sports such as soccer, lacrosse, badminton, cornhole and jogger, can be played with family or friends or simply enjoyed by the professionals. Roller skating and BMX tracks will make it possible to see and meet the experts in action. At night, this will be the space where the silent parties will take place where you can enjoy a performance with the light skaters. This year they participate again in emerging city girls and boys from FCR . crewa set of program Open the microphone subordinate art factory.

on your side, art in biology, the program that promotes cultural activity through workshops and free art activities in vulnerable neighborhoods, will attend with various activities. A caravan of percussion will be presented from the hand of the group Global Positioning Systemtitled Santiago Vazquez. with Prana Barber Shop They will have a space where hairstyles, colors, and urban cuts are done. They will introduce DJs to students from the electronic music workshop in urban culture space. In addition, it will present a new version of urban art encounter Sixteen urban artists compete in it.

The Emerging City Festival (file photo: Walter Sangroni)

There will be visual arts installations with aesthetic effect during the day and illumination at night. It will be an opportunity for emerging artists and references in the field of visuals. In addition, various muralists and artists will be involved in the waste containers that will be used during the festival.

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EmergencyThe space for boys and girls inside the festival comes up with a different proposal. For kids, rock bands for kids NilukosAnd the Tetiti rock and the Rock and Roll Music; And urban dance lessons to sing and move the body. Pre-teens will attend urban dance lessons and DJ sets with urban music by emi bell s Sophia Herver. Space will be interfered with by the plastic artist eye with paws.

In addition, there will be a station to listen to podcasts Story FactoryDesigned to bring youngsters closer to the icons of Argentine rock, gastronomy and literature. Stories Maria Elena Walsh And stories about the lives of Argentine cultural references such as Gustavo CerrateAnd the Mrs. PetronaAnd the Mercedes SosaAnd the Luca ProdanAnd the Luis Alberto Spinettaamong other things.

In the Electronic music spaceThe audiovisual world, performance and technology innovation will play the role of emerging DJs evilAnd the rap music s Lucas Sosa (AR), selected on an open call to the entire country, as well as leading and emerging DJs. This space will have a musical, visual, lighting and digital footprint.

The NFT Its area will be in a digital sample provided by confusionwhich is shown in bag (Blockchain Art Gallery): The Latin American Cryptography platform created by Argentines where you can see the works of various pioneering creators in this field. You can also enjoy different immersive experiences using virtual reality glasses.

In addition, on the stage of this space, there is a DJ niknakfrom the United Kingdom, from the joint work program with the British Council circle culture and the AMPLIFY program.

The Emerging City Festival (Photo Credit: Sebastian Bani/AFS)
The Emerging City Festival (Photo Credit: Sebastian Bani/AFS)

In the gastronomy area You can enjoy differently food trucks. This call is jointly made with Bachelor of Capital Tastea program that seeks to position Buenos Aires as the gastronomic capital of Latin America and promote economic activity through the development of gastronomical Buenos Aires, the creation of jobs and the promotion of sustainable food policies.

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the new Green space in Buenos Aires It will be dedicated to the city’s green culture and management. Experiences and activities related to topics such as sustainability, reducing consumption, reuse, recycling, composting and caring for the environment can be demonstrated. On the other hand, the program art in biology He will present a sustainable design workshop to make wallets out of recycled fabric from past cultural events.

The Race to discover the forests of PalermoWhich aims to get acquainted with and visit the spaces that are iconic in the region, there will be an activity to overcome challenges and solve questions and puzzles through an interactive conversation with BOTI. The 10 teams with the most points will win.

together with Bachelor of TransportationActivities will be designed to encourage access to the festival by bike, promote concern for the environment and sustainable mobility, and the venue will have safe storage spaces. There will be a bike ride to the music before DJ Bad Boy Orange. the artist Clara Wall Helmets to be pulled will interfere, and the effect Miranda Lawrence She will tour the venue on a self-invented bike and present different outfits of her own creation. Transporte BA will introduce the activity to the youngest Leave your wheelsTo learn to ride a bike.

Emerging City Festival (Photo Credit: Sergio Santillán/AFS)
Emerging City Festival (Photo Credit: Sergio Santillán/AFS)

Emerging City Festival

Since its birth, it has occupied major spaces in the city. for the first time Recoleta Cultural Center, a hotbed of young and urban culture at the time; then install in art factoryTo highlight the great cultural space of southern Buenos Aires; Last year I moved to different locations in Historic helmet, which are part of the micro and macro center zone activation. In 2022, on his 15th birthday, and now that it’s possible to dance, sing and hop together again, it’s taking place in Palermo Woods, the Velodrome and the surrounding areas.

emerging city It is a platform for new artists from all over the country to showcase their talent. Through federal calls, every year bands and artists from all counties join. The festival aims to highlight innovative projects by well-known artists and emerging bands from all over the country, who have subscribed to the national call. # 2022 Emerging Experience. Fifty bands from all counties were selected from there to hold live practice meetings and virtual training by music experts. After this process, some were selected to travel to Buenos Aires and play on one of the festival stages. They were chosen to represent each region of Argentina at the festival: girlfrom Buenos Aires, Black Chavezfrom Buenos Aires Province, Hollywood Bungalowsfrom jujuy root aloneof missions, delta scalefrom Neuken Rudyfrom Cordoba and Said Ruizfrom Mendoza.

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Friday, September 7 at 9:00 p.m #15 Hit the pops!An unprecedented show that collects 15 releases of hit songs from artists who have written history emerging city. Singers who appeared at the festival at their debut and who are back today, already dedicated, will participate: espelAnd the Brenda Martin s Lola BertoldiAnd the BambiAnd the SeelyAnd the milk fishAnd the John IngaramouAnd the Silvina Moreno s nashi nashiartist-driven software art in biology Promotes cultural activity in popular neighbourhoods. Each artist will sing two songs, one from their first participation in the festival and the other from their current collection. They will be accompanied by a specially created band of emerging artists from different bands.

Programming will be available at Emerging City website And through BOTI it will be possible to access the daily information for each section and space of the festival. Neighbors will be able to consult the Buenos Aires City Robot to find out all the news of the festival and participate in obtaining tickets for the various musical performances that take place in the city during the last months of the year. organized by Ministry of Culture of Buenos Aires.

The entrance to the venue will be via Avenida Belisario Roldán 4400, behind the Planetarium, at the former Buenos Aires Racecourse.

Butte: 11 5050-0147.

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