Choripán has been chosen as one of the top five sandwiches in the world: what others complete on the platform

We know that Argentine meat is very famous all over the world for its great taste, and the competition that made the site Atlas of taste get to know him. The food-focused page has placed an order with The best sandwiches in the world, and the Choripán was fourth Among the tastiest, very close to climbing to the podium.

The “WL“, as it is known in our country, is one of the Foods that should not be missed when grillingIt is even valid for lunch or dinner without the need for another companion. “It’s the ultimate Argentine street food”, they crossed into the database that made the order, and the identification is likely to fit the bill.

sanguche stayed in Fourth place in the competition Organized by this website typical meals. Choripán is placed in the category “amazing” (second place in importance) with 4.4 stars over the sandwich Reuben from United States (4.2) and Croque-Monsieur inglés (4.1)

Atlas taste Created by a Croatian journalist Mateja Babic As a guide to what to eat in every corner of the world and where to find the best versions of those dishes. “It’s a sandwich consisting of chorizo ​​sausage and a variety of seasonings on a crunchy bun. Generally, it is consumed on the go, being sold mainly on street stalls throughout Latin America,” they noted in the description.

With chimichurri, with creole sauce, with barbecue or any kind of seasoning you like, Choripan is all the rage all over the world and the large food chains They get to know him. However, he did not reach the top, in Top 3 of the best sandwiches In the order the US site put it together.

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The ranking published by The Taste Atlas, which places choripán in fourth place. (Photo: Instagram / TheTasteAtlas).

Sandwiches that went beyond choripan

Those who make up the platform for the best sandwiches on the planet are included in the category “better” (or better, in English) and Exceeding 4.5 stars which are evaluated by TheTasteAtlas. The Spanish Seranito sandwich in third place US roast pork sandwich was the second and he Montreal Smoked Meat de Canada He took first place. What did they make?

  • Montreal Smoked Meat de Canada: It is made from meat that has been marinated for ten days in a mixture of herbs and spices, then smoked and cut into thin strips. Inside it contains pickles, coleslaw, mustard, bell peppers and olives, and is usually accompanied by French fries.
The best sandwiches in the world, the most traditional food in Canada. (Photo: Adobe Stock).by: Xinyun –
  • Roast Pork Sandwich de EE.UU.It is, par excellence, the typical Philadelphia sandwich. Its distinguishing feature is the bread containing sesame seeds and tablespoons of cooking juice from the pig, which is the main actor in this delicacy. In addition, these sandwiches are usually accompanied by broccoli or spinach and melted cheese.
Delight: The world’s second richest sandwich comes from Philadelphia. (Photo: Adobe Stock).by: Robert Latwick | Robert Latwick –
  • Serranito sandwich from Spain (4.6 stars): Another typical dish from a city, in this case Seville with a typical Andalusian recipe. It consists of Vienna with portions of fried ham and serrano ham, accompanied by fried green peppers and tomatoes. Some other versions include omelettes, lettuce, cheese, or bacon.
Serrano ham, a staple of the third richest sandwich on the planet. (Photo: Adobe Stock).by: fotoXS –

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