Chinese New Year Begins: Why the Wooden Dragon is Celebrated

During a period of 15 days, various celebrations take place around the world, including family visits, special meals, concerts and parades (picture information)

The most important celebration of Chinese society is Chinese New Yearalso called Spring party. This year it falls on Saturday February 9.

Over the course of 15 days, various celebrations take place including family visits, special meals, concerts, parades and fireworks. This holiday is celebrated all over the world, especially in the early days.

Why all these days of celebration? The Spring Festival marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring according to the agricultural calendar, also known as the lunisolar calendar.

The Spring Festival symbolizes the end of winter and the beginning of spring according to the agricultural calendar known as the lunisolar calendar.

“Symbolizes Leaving homes After passing it successfully A hard winter to resume work in the fields to produce wealth again for the new year. Anna Kuo, President of the Chinese-Argentine Cultural Association, explained that this is a great beginning, and from here comes the importance of the celebration, which culminates in a family reunion and meeting with relatives and friends.

“Often, people do not live close to their families of origin, so it was necessary to stay for a long period to travel to their hometown and adhere to the rituals of greeting and thanking their loved ones who also arrive from different countries.” China points. Every day of the New Year has its rituals, the most important of which is the day before.The first 3 days of the new year He added: “The celebration will conclude with the great festival of beautiful lanterns in all the streets of China.”

The dragon is a sacred animal and represents imperial power (illustration)

What does the wooden dragon mean?

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he Dragon It is a mysterious animal with a benevolent nature and intense positive energy. The description of this object is: The divinity that controls the waters and winds of the planet; Rain and good breezes depend on it to generate crops. It has the head of a horse, the horns of a deer, the ears of a boy, the eyes of a rabbit, the body of a snake, the scales of a fish, the claws of an eagle, and the palm of a tiger. “This sacred animal represented imperial power, and its mark and presence remain in the Chinese collective unconscious.”Ko said.

Ana Co, president of the Chino Argentina Cultural Association, highlights the importance of the celebration as a time to gather with family and friends

the wood It also symbolizes spring, life and growth.

“this year, The Dragon will pump us with creative forces and ambition. We from the Argentine Chinese Cultural Association are preparing to accompany all those who undertake projects related to Chinese culture. “We will guide them, give them our input, teach them traditions and customs, and organize special activities for entrepreneurs,” Ko added.

Red envelopes and new clothes.

Red envelopes or yaosui qian contain new banknotes that serve to scare away evil spirits that persecute children. “It is given to children at home, relatives and friends during visits during the celebration period,” Ko explains.

New clothes: New year, new clothes, that's what it is. This is part of a renewal practice to start the year.

The wooden dragon, a symbol of Chinese New Year, represents spring, life and growth (illustration)

Visits and meetings with loved ones.

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Meeting face to face with family and friends strengthens the bonds of affection and generates joy. This is another tradition.

Big Family Reunion and Banquet: What special foods are eaten at this celebration?

Chinese people tend to move away from their hometown since adolescence for reasons of study and later for work. Therefore, coming home for dinner and toast with parents and siblings is an act of love and gratitude. “This year is the first year of complete opening up after the epidemic, which is why many Chinese from different parts of the planet have returned to this banquet to celebrate life,” Kuo explained.

Purity works: cleaning homes and observing speech and behavior.

Clean the house well, get rid of those dirty things, arrange things and decorate it with plants, fresh flowers and decorations that bring happiness.

Living life with positive emotions: Observing behavior during the new year. It is highly inadvisable and reprehensible to get angry, criticize, or insult others. “Life is best handled with positive emotions, especially in difficult times,” Ko said.

Proximity to good energy and symbols of good omen is another tradition.

Renewal and announcement of good wishes.

“The Spring Festival brings us the power of growth. It is important that we reflect on what we really want, declare it, write it down, display it in a visible place, and then get down to business,” Kuo said.

Building good connections and foundations: Socializing with people or doing activities that will lead to opportunities in life.

Stay close to good energy and good omen symbols: “Taking care of home, health and keeping an alert mind will provide us with positive energy and very good well-being.” The various practices and symbols of Chinese New Year encapsulate ancient wisdom and are the keys to navigating turbulent times.

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