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Video made Viral on social media situation “crawl” More than one user when taking a virtual photo ghost Who used the games in the children’s park in Cali, in Colombia.

He was one of the residents of the place who recorded with his cell phone the supposed supernatural phenomenonWhich consists of the movement of the retina without being moved by anyone or anything naturally.

In the video, you can see that one of the hammocks is moving as if someone is swinging on it.. the user Camilo Vasquez He was the one who recorded the video and made it viral on social networks.

“They say there is a goblin playing in that area, and the children were frightened and assured that they would throw stones at them when they climbed on that swing.”The man told local media. The witness to the supernatural phenomenon also confirmed that he did not intend to deceive anyone, and indicated that the video was true. “The ghost is swinging. There is no one in the park.”, recipe.

“Tell me where it is… I’ll go and check those fluctuations”; “Sure, the ghost should ask a favor from the guard to let him in”; This ghost had no childhood., were some of the comments left by users on networks.

While many people think that gaining followers on social networks is a man’s trick, there are also many people who claim to believe the netizen.

The ghost that scared the residents near Kali Park

Another scared ghost in town Colombia

A few weeks ago, at the municipality headquarters in the city of Armenia, in ColombiaAnother user posted a video recorded by the security cameras of that public building. In the photos, you can see a guard searching for a suspect and then falling to the ground when he bumps into an alleged ghost.

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According to the testimonies of a guard of a private security company, the events took place at 11:30 pm. In the middle of the darkness of the building, a man appeared and began a conversation with him in which he said that he could not be there at that time, but then the man went down the stairs and disappeared. Then the event recorded by the cameras occurs.

Mayor of the city Jose Manuel Rios, he said that in the video you can see one of the guards ” who is allegedly attacked by a supernatural entity, but each one will come to his own conclusions; In the mayor’s office we always work side by side with God and our Bishop Carlos Quintero is aware of this situation’“.

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