Titanic sails again: a replica of the ship was built in China

More than a century later Tragic sinking During her maiden voyage, she was iconic Titanic He will take revenge. Park China will lead a copy the same as orgenal The ship is so that tourists can enjoy the experience of sailing in the most famous boat in the world.

Ironically, a copy of the legendary Titanic would even exist More than 1000 km from the sea, In County Amusement Park Sichuan.

Build a mega ship It involved working 100 workers for six years, Which is much longer than the time it took to build the original ship. The cost of this replica, which used more than 23,000 tons of steel, was one billion yuan (About $ 155.5 million).

Soo ShaojunThe main investor in the project referred to the obstacles raised by the Pharaonic project from its inception. “It was a very difficult task to bring the Titanic back to life.”She confirmed to the agency France Press agency.

Shaojun decided to finance A bold version with a length of 260 metersTo preserve memories of the huge sea voyage across the Atlantic. “I hope this ship will stay here 100 or 200 years from now,” he said.

The legendary Titanic will be located more than a thousand kilometers from the sea, in an amusement park in Sichuan Province, China.Agencia AFP

The original luxury ship, the largest of its time and that It has been rated “unsinkable” by the ownersSank in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean in 1912, After colliding with an iceberg. The tragedy left 1,500 people dead.

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It is supposed to be the Chinese replica Meticulous in every detailFrom door knobs to the luxurious bedrooms and dining room. That’s why experts and historians He will validate the final result Approval of the new version of the legendary Titanic.

The ambitious project, too Based on the movie Titanic (1997), authored and directed James Cameron, And the championship Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate WinsletThat won 11 awards Oscar. For this reason, the park cars will tour the venue while the theme tune of the Canadian singer’s “My Heart Will Go On” is played. Celine Dion.

Although the exact date of the theme park opening is currently unknown, The ship will be the main attraction For the site that will re-create the ancient port of Southampton, located in United kingdomWhere Titanic sailed to Medina New York, On April 10, 1912.


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