CCE and the US Department of Labor collaborate to comply with T-MEC

Mexico City /

Undersecretary of the Ministry US Department of Labor (DOL, for its English acronym), Julie A. Su met with the Chairman of the Business Coordination Council (CCE)Francisco Cervantes Diaz, for ratifies its commitment to comply with T-MEC and with the Mexican Labor Reform.

During the meeting, the Undersecretary and Chairman of the Continuing Education Committee agreed that USMCAAs of July 2020, It lays the foundations for the economic competitiveness of the North American region It creates favorable conditions for job creation in both countries.

T-MEC contains the most advanced and complete set of trade, investment, labor and environmental provisions, compared to other international agreements of this type; It is highlighted Its full implementation is the key to maximizing its benefits for workersemployers and associations in member states.

Francisco Cervantes acknowledged the importance of the 2017 Mexican constitutional labor reform, the 2019 executive legislation incorporated into the T-MEC, and reaffirmed the private sector’s commitment that Full compliance with labor legislation in the workplace.

Meanwhile, Julie A. here He affirmed the willingness of the United States government to continue cooperating with the Mexican private sector In implementing T-MEC and labor reform, it was highlighted that new tools for DOL-funded projects are generating support for employers to ensure strong compliance with workers’ rights.

In the meeting, Undersecretary Su and President Cervantes also touched on other aspects of bilateral relations, such as The presence of a large number of skilled workers in the areaBeside The importance of a close relationship between the US Department of Labor and the Center for Continuing Educationwhich they promised to take advantage of in the future to make it prosper.

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