Kilometers of truck queues return to the UK due to the collapse of the Eurotunnel and ferries

In recent days, Vinadesmer has denounced the queues of lorries with kilometers returning to the UK due to the collapse in the Eurotnnel tunnel and at ferry entrances to return to the European Union.

Queues of more than 30 km in size and waiting for more than ten hours are faced by transport companies intending to leave the UK with their trucks. The Eurotnnel tunnel and ferry ports have collapsed, exacerbating the situation for those drivers who can not only park their trucks in suitable areas, are in motorway trenches but, as happened at Christmas 2020, lack all manner of hygiene. Health assistance.

FENADISMER has asked British authorities to address this solution as quickly as possible, which creates problems only for carriers and drivers, who also have problems complying with legislation on driving and rest times when they return to EU territory afterwards. The Ten Hours Held in British Territory.

British authorities have announced that they are taking measures to facilitate trucks access to the sister city of Kent, an access point for ferries and the Channel Tunnel, and are warning of fines of 300 pounds for drivers who do not follow the instructions provided. by British agents, or use other alternative routes in the direction of ports of departure (eg domestic routes) and even warn of possible arrests.

The United Kingdom explained that this collapse came on schedule and was attributed to bad weather, which caused some kind of technical damage to the ferries and increased the number of passengers due to the approaching Easter holiday.

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It will be these reasons or the ineffectiveness of the British authorities that the new international transport regulations, with customs controls and truck controls to prevent illegal immigration, may be too great for them.

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