Capture versus. Muscle Car – 702 HP Ram V8 races against a 760 Shelby Mustang and it’s an event …

a RAM 1500 TRX A closed circuit dive ran against a Shelby GT500, The most powerful and fastest production Ford Mustang ever. Despite some expectations, he won the two rounds that were executed between them.

An unmissable acceleration duel between two extremely powerful vehicles.

How is the Ram 1500 TRX

With the Ford F-150 Raptor in sight (and with more than 250 hp!), This pickup rides 6.2-liter 712-horsepower V8, Like the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat or the Demon. It’s the strongest apartment brand ever built for sale.

Everything in the 1500 TRX is designed to its maximum performance From the asphalt, like the suspension, re-engineered and reinforced to withstand the worst violations. This, in addition, is active, and it can adjust the height of the truck by 30 cm.

The brand maintains that despite using the traditional RAM 1500 platform, it only shares 25% of the parts. It will only be available with Double cabins. The box is automatically made by ZF company, with Eight relationships, The traction is all four wheels. The differential provides locking options to enhance off-road driving.

The performance is impressive. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds, covers 400 meters in 12.9 seconds and reaches The maximum speed is 190 km / h.

The the structure It is made of high-strength steel conductors, and it has also been strengthened. A 6.35 cm Bilstein Blackhawk E2 shocks are specially designed for this edition.

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See TN Autos’ report …

TN Autos reported: Ram 1500 TRX

How is the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

Modified by Ford Performance, the Mustang Shelby GT500 has a 5.2 liter V8 and More than 700 hp, As announced. Rear traction, dual-clutch automatic transmission and Seven gears. It ensures that every change takes place in less than 100 milliseconds.

she has Bigger brakes Among all American sports cars, in addition to a Adaptive suspension (MagneRide) is organized according to needs. Includes racing mode for the track.

The GT500 Can be ordered with an exclusive package from Carbon fiber, Which includes up to 20-inch wheels in that article. In its construction and development, the technology from the maximum sporting reference used by Ford, LGT.

About the engine, Ford guarantees that the block is made of aluminum alloy, and Larger forged connecting rods Has good lubrication. At full acceleration it allows you to cover 400 meters Eleven seconds.

A study was also conducted Aerodynamic action, Which used bulkheads and a rear spoiler. Also, for example, The front grill opens To increase the cooling of the powerful V8 engine.

Everything in the Shelby GT500 – its third generation – is engineered to give emotion Authentic true, With modifications that also affected trend and a Unique voice For its massive eight-cylinder engine.

Matthias Antico handled it and you can watch it in the next video …

TN Informe Cars: Shelby GT500 Mustang

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