Controversy in Spain over a ridiculous public TV graphic with royal heir

Diagram of … Spanish public television sparked intense controversy This wednesday When comparing Leonor de Bourbon, heir to the throne, with her grandfather Don Juan CarlosHe was exiled after learning of alleged irregularities regarding his personal finances.

Public TV broadcasted the graph for a few minutes Leonor leaves Spain like her grandfather, Commenting on the news that King Philip VI’s 15-year-old daughter will be completing high school in Wales.

Thus it created the La 1 channel parallel with Don Juan Carlos, father of Philip and the King of Spain from 1975 to 2014, who Since August, he has been living in exile in Abu Dhabi. After the Spanish justice began to investigate the indications Ambiguous fortune abroad. The accident forced Radiotelevisión Española (RTVE) to respond, which declared in a statement that the Director of the Public Entity, Rosa Maria Matteo “deeply regrets the grave error” and “has taken immediate measures to exempt those responsible for this error from their positions.”

The public entity added: “It was a serious irresponsibility that could not overshadow RTVE’s unwavering commitment to the defense of constitutional values, state institutions, and, above all, the crown.”

Political leaders and party fronts joined the controversy. “RTVE drift has no limits. Attack the crown now”The People’s Party, the leader of the conservative opposition, tweeted: “TVE cannot be the official government channel.” For his part, Podemos’ left settled the matter. “The TVE brand should not bother kings who think Juan Carlos is innocent and left Spain to change the scene”Left Front Books. “If it bothers them, it’s because they realize that Juan Carlos is really corrupt.”he added.

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