Camille Nanjiani’s vacation photos sparked controversy over his physique

“What if we try not to comment on people’s bodies good or bad if they don’t ask? If someone posts thirty shots and asks, ‘Do I look sexy,’ hey – do it. But it’s weird to comment on someone’s body when they simply post a picture of themselves.” Found “.

Original poster, Chelsea VarganResponded to doll Najma, writes, “Hey, Irene. In this tweet that you’re quoting from, I say it’s cruel and unfair for people to mock him and ashamed of him to adapt his body to the aesthetic that his career (and probably more fame in general) asked of him.” She also noted, “I don’t see how I got here than I said,” which led to more responses from Cummings.

This is not the first time that Kemal Kameel has been the subject of a conversation. The actor himself opened it up Feeling dysfunctional in the body from its drastic change And a change of lifestyle.

“I don’t want to underestimate people who are already suffering from debilitating physical problems,” he said. Men’s health In March 2020. “I don’t have this. But I’m really starting to get some physical disfigurement.

He later revealed “when I saw this reaction [to the photos] When I was like, “Well, I clearly don’t see what’s really there.” And he admitted, “It’s something I’m trying to be aware of and be better at, because that’s not a good way. You want to be nice to yourself. “

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