Michael Keaton will be Batman in another movie after The Flash

Madrid. – The multiverse is expanding…and not just at Marvel. On the other hand, one of the DC ComicsProjects with different versions of the more emblematic characters move a lot as well. He will be one of those who will return Michael Keaton in Batmanwhose presence has already been confirmed in the movie ‘the lightHe will also appear in another DC/Warner Bros. production.

As the studio announced in a press release, the film’s crew…bat girl, which is planned to premiere in principle directly on the live broadcasting platform HBO Max, including Michael Keaton.


In the official cast list distributed by Warner, Michael Keaton is among the cast of the film, although it has not been determined if he will reprise his role as Batman., but it probably will. It’s also important to note that the press release includes the phrase “credits are not final and dates are subject to change,” so there is still a possibility that Keaton may not eventually be involved in the film.

bat girl‘, which is currently being filmed in Scotland, will follow the adventures of Barbara Gordon (Leslie Grace), the daughter of Commissioner Gordon (JK Simmons, who reprises her role as the Justice League), who takes on the mantle of Batgirl. The movie also features Brendan Fraser as Evil Firefly and Jacob Scipio in an unspoken role.

The film directed by Adel Al-Arabi and Bilal Falah currently does not have a specific release date, but it is expected that it will be shown for the f.Late 2022 or early 2023.

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Keaton is now ready for a DCEU debut in “The Flash,” which will hit theaters in November next year. Film directed by Andy Muschietti, starring Ezra Miller Like Crimson Speed ​​which will have at least two versions of Bruce Wayne, Keaton and Ben Affleck in the Justice League or Batman v Superman.

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