British Airways plans to reduce flights to Heathrow due to higher prices

Airport plans to increase prices may prompt the company to switch hubs

airport plans Heathrow To increase airport fees they can drive the owner of British Airways, IAG, To reconsider their use of the British airport center.

CEO of IAG, Louis Gallego, the parent company of British Airways, found at an aviation conference in London that Heathrow had become “More and more expensiveSo IAG could reconsider its use as a ‘hub’.

In his opinion, such a decision would put UK aviation capacity To compete “on the world stage”. “It is up to our political leaders to ensure this continues at Heathrow,” he warned.

In current terms, operating from Heathrow Airport means “big advantageIn IAG’s recovery after the pandemic, Gallego explained.

“The truth is that more than 40% of people use Heathrow They are passengers in Contact” So travelers can decide on more competitive airports in the event that London becomes “very expensive“.

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Gallego confirmed that Heathrow offers the UK aviation sector “big advantage‘, but cautioned that “demand must be attracted to remain competitive.”

In mid-October, UK aviation regulators set an initial range for Heathrow Airport to increase passenger fares between 11% and 56% For the next five years, but they refused the request ‘center’ A larger increase to compensate for Losses incurred during the pandemic.

London Airport has set its losses from the Covid-19 pandemic in 3.400 million pounds sterling (A little more than 4,000 million euros).

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The number of passengers in October decreased by 56% for pre-pandemic levels.

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