The regime arrested Daniel Ortega, priest and ex-diplomat Edgar Paralles

Edgar Parales was captured by the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega (Photo: La Prensa Nicaragua)

Unidentified persons arrested the former Nicaraguan ambassador to the Organization of American States, Edgard Paralles, a well-known critic of the regime of Daniel Ortega, in front of his home in Managua. He denounced his wife, Carmen Dolores Cordova.

Cordova said Associated Press The 79-year-old former diplomat was about to enter his home when “two men in civilian clothes showed up and forced him into a car and took him away”.

My husband was kidnapped because (his kidnappers) did not present an arrest warrant or identify themselvesParalles’ wife is the daughter of the late lawyer Rafael Cordova Rivas, who with Ortega was part of the first board of directors during the Sandinista Revolution (1979-1990).

In recent days, Edgard Paralles, in public statements, criticized Ortega’s decision to withdraw Nicaragua from the Organization of American States, which he called “nonsense”.

Paralles was one of the four priests who were punished by the Vatican in 1983 for holding public office in the Sandinista system.. The other three, all now deceased, are the poet Ernesto Cardinal, Minister of Culture. His brother Fernando Cardinal, Minister of Education and Minister of Foreign Affairs Miguel d’Escoto. In 1989, Paralles left the priesthood to marry Carmen Cordova.

After Violetta Chamorro’s electoral victory over Ortega (1990), Paralles distanced himself from his former Sandinista colleagues and became close to the opposition. Although not part of any party organization, he is one of the few political analysts who were not exiled from Nicaragua and continued to express highly critical views of the government.

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The authorities have neither confirmed nor denied at the present time the information about the arrest of the former diplomat.

on november 15 The United States and the United Kingdom announced new sanctions against officials and institutions affiliated with the Daniel Ortega regimeIn an apparent attempt to increase diplomatic pressure, the Sandinista leader was re-elected at the polls this month.

A woman watches Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega on TV in file photo.  EFE / Jorge Torres
A woman watches Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega on TV in file photo. EFE / Jorge Torres

The Treasury Department imposed sanctions on The Public Prosecution Office of Nicaragua actually Nine senior government officials, between them Different mayors Involved in “the suppression of human rights and fundamental freedoms” during Peaceful demonstrations 2018.

among the punishers the shape Minister of Energy and Mines, Salvador Mansel Castrillo; Supervisor of Banks and Financial Institutions, Luis Angel Montenegro Espinosa; Deputy Minister of Finance and Public Credit, Adrián Chavarría Montenegro.

The United States said some of the officials targeted by the new sanctions “.They were appointed to their government positions by Ortega and are major supporters of the regime and its anti-democratic policies..

It also includes various Officials involved in violent suppression of mass protests Against Ortega in 2018 More than 300 dead In the poorest country in Central America, the statement added.

“This action targets those who oppress Nicaraguans for exercising their human rights and fundamental freedoms.”Treasury said.

Later, The British Foreign Office has announced a travel ban and asset freeze for eight high-ranking officials in Nicaragua, including Murillo.The Attorney General and the President of the Supreme Court.

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