Botha asks the authorities to request the departure of the US Embassy Chargé d’Affairs with a statement

Written by: Joel Sorrell. – Hermanas-Mirabal County Senator Bautista Rojas Gómez (Bauta) asked the authorities today, Wednesday, to request the departure of the country of the Business Director of the United States Embassy in the Dominican Republic, Robert Thomas, according to the statement issued in the past. Saturday that he asserted that US citizens suffered discrimination by the General Directorate of Immigration.

Rojas Gomez indicated that there is no room for a diplomatic response with the Americans, but rather a political response, describing them as “arbitrary, disrespectful and inconsiderate”, for their attempt to impose an immigration policy in the Dominican Republic, in addition to disrespecting sovereignty.

The congressman emphasized that the United States is not only trampling on the political sovereignty of the Dominican Republic, but also its economic sovereignty, as evidenced by the ban on sugar exports from Central Romana.

The Popular Force (FP) senator said all sectors of the country must unite to demand the departure of Thomas and everyone involved in issuing the statement last Saturday.

“We can use diplomatic language against these offensive, disrespectful, reckless, unworthy to be human beings, I think we should ask them to withdraw this insult, this outrage, but also, if we are to remember the thought of the founding fathers of the Republic, what we must To ask him of the United States to remove from the Dominican Republic all the perpetrators of this insult, because they are lying to the world, to impose a policy that does not correspond to the moment, they are not only trampling on sovereignty. “Country politics, but economic sovereignty,” said Rojas Gómez, “and the United States cannot and does not Her embassy, ​​nor anyone else’s permission, must unite to request the departure of the business manager at the US embassy.”

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The senator said that the statement of the US embassy represents a historic position of that country towards the Dominican Republic.

When his role was exhausted in Wednesday’s Senate hearing, Rojas Gomez called it “hypocritical” that the United States demanded respect for human rights when it mistreated illegal Haitian immigrants in Texas.

“This statement is not the result of political laziness, but of the historical attitude and behavior of the empire towards the Dominican Republic. These are the ones who call us to be considerate of the world, these are the ones who say we have run over, that embassy has dared to disrespect a country that does not manipulate its sovereignty. So this treatment deserves a response Diplomatically, this treatment does not deserve it, this treatment of Haiti’s neighbors deserves a political response, just as the 16-year invasion of Haiti deserved a military response, as the 1965 intervention deserved a generous and courageous military response, Rojas Gomez said.

To date, the United States has vetoed the products of the Dominican sugar company Central Romana, due to “reasonable information” about the use of forced labor in its operations.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP, in English) indicated in a statement that it has identified five of the eleven International Labor Organization (ILO) standards that point to abuses against workers.

These violations, according to CBP, include worker vulnerability and isolation, withholding of wages, abusive working and living conditions, and excessive working hours.

“This detainee demonstrates CBP’s commitment to protecting international human rights and labor standards, and to promoting a fair and competitive global marketplace,” said Troy Miller, acting CBP director.

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