Qatar World Cup 2022: Belgium defeats Canada 1-0 | The first day of the sixth group

Thibaut Courtois: “The first matches in a World Cup are often difficult and exhausting”

goalkeeper and belgium character, Thibaut Courtoisto which she concedes victory over her Canada (1-0), this Wednesday at the movie premiere “Red Devils” in the world Cup sNecktie 2022she was More complicated than expected. and referred to Germany and Argentina.

The first matches in a World Cup are often difficultstressful. Look at Germany and Argentina. And the goalkeeper, who was the hero of the Belgian victory over Canada, or us, commented on not easy matches against Algeria 2014 or Panama 2018.

Our group (F with Croatia and Morocco) is underrated. There are four good teams. We have taken the lead. And he stressed that with our victory in the upcoming matches, we will be ranked.

Courtois is a goalkeeper Real Madridwho saved a penalty kick to Alphonso Davies In the 11th minute of the match. “He surprised us urgent Canadians are taxed. We didn’t think they would push so hard. They had the speed, the power, and the technique to hurt us.”

Meanwhile, the other protagonist of Belgium’s victory was the striker Michy BatshuayiScorer of the only goal of the match in the 44th minute: “It wasn’t the best Belgium tonight. It’s not the best Belgium, at the moment.”

I understand that the role of journalism is to criticize. But there are positives, let’s start with the result. “We should have scored more goals, but personally I’m happy to score,” said the forward.

FIFA analyzes punishing Mexico for homophobic songs from its fans

The FIFA initiated a file against Mexican fans to Homophobic chants During the match against Poland, in the first appearance of both teams in the 2022 Qatar World Cup, which ended in a zero draw.

Potential penalties can range from Fines s Point reductionuntil exclusion from competition.

The action opened based on a file Article 13 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code indicates discrimination. The events to be analyzed occurred around Minute 26 The match, after the Polish goalkeeper, Wojciech Szysny, will save the Mexican striker’s shot. At that moment, a small section of the audience began to shout, using phrases that could be punished.

A section of Mexican fans shouted homophobic and discriminatory chants towards the Polish goalkeeper during the match between the two teams.

This is the second file opened by the Disciplinary Committee of the World Cup. The former was against Ecuador For the same reason during the opening match against the Qatari national team.

So far, the FIFA It has not reached a final judgment on the possible consequences for those responsible for this type of action. In this sense, the International Federation can financially punished to the Mexican Federation, Take it out of the cup -something improbable, a sentence that was never carried out–or just a release Attention call.

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The widespread video of the Japanese fan who cried over Messi and the defeat of Argentina

A young Japanese woman wearing baseball is crying in front of the camera Argentina’s loss to Saudi Arabia On the first date for the third group in the Qatar World Cup 2022.

With tears in her eyes, the national flag on her back and matching make-up, the Japanese fan says (in English) that she feels “bad because Argentina lost to Arabia.” “Argentina didn’t have much luck today. I hope Messi doesn’t feel so sad”Add.

Japan celebrated in the streets of Tokyo

Japanese fans celebrated the win Germany In his first appearance Qatar World Cup 2022but after his own respect for the rules.

After the end of the match, in which the national team achieved one of its most important victories in the World Cup, the fans went out to celebrate the historic victory. But with civility and full respect for the rulesas seen in the video at the famous Shibuya intersection, one of the most popular locations in the city Tokyo It is one of the busiest on the entire planet.

There you can see how the fans are They wait until the traffic light is red to celebrate on the street and return to the sidewalks when it is about to turn green so as not to affect traffic..

Belgium final against Canada, with the Red Devils winning 1-0

Belgium won 1-0 over Canada, with a goal by Michy Batshuayi in the 44th minute of the first half, and Courtois, who was an indomitable wall in the Belgian goal, to preserve the team’s victory and remain in first place in its group.

The Real Madrid goalkeeper even saved a penalty for Canada, kicked by Alfonso Davies, which could have opened the scoring for the North American team. The Canadians attacked throughout the match, but could not hit the goal of the Red Devils.

Both merge file Group F Next to Croatia s Morocco They tied 0-0.

Yellow card for Belgium

At 56′ Amadou Onana was booked.

Thibaut Courtois saved the penalty kick taken by Alphonso Davies, and the match continues 0-0

Alfonso Davies’ penalty kick was saved by Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, after a yellow card from Yannick Carrasco awarded Canada a penalty kick, and the match remains 0-0.

More tickets for Qatar 2022 have already been sold than for Russia 2018

The The International Federation of Football (FIFA) confirmed that Ticket sales for Qatar World Cup 2022 Really far exceeded Russia 2018. According to the entity, this version has already sold over 2,950,000 ticketswhile the former arrived 2,400,000 tickets throughout the duration of the competition.

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It comes to 23% more Compared to the World Cup four and a half years ago. Also, the enterprise projects lift around $7.4 billion At the end of the biggest football competition only sell tickets. that it Over a million dollars above expectations starting

Olmo from head to hand Navas (70′)

Former center Olmo’s header came out in heavy rain and ended up in the hands of Navas.

Change in Spain (69 ‘)

Asensio left and Neco Williams entered.

First yellow of the match (68′)

Francisco Calvo was booked after a hard tackle on Soler.

Double change in Spain (64′)

Busquets and Jordi Alba left and Koke and Baldi entered respectively.

Morata Can (62′)

Morata received from the right and hit it hard at the near post: the ball went too far and hit the side of the net, which Navas defended.

Double change in Costa Rica (61′)

Bennett and Contreras left and Ruiz and Zamora entered.

Double change in Spain (57′)

Pedri and Ferran Torres left and Soler and Morata entered respectively.

The second half has begun

The second half started between Spain and Costa Rica.

First change in Costa Rica (45′)

Martinez left and Weston entered.

Penalty to Spain (29′)

Jordi Alba entered the area and Duarte took it with him. The referee didn’t have a man in Kobler Pinal.

Goal for Spain! (Twenty one’)

Busquets opened the left flank for Jordi Alba, who tipped the center back for Asensio to get one with the inside edge of his left foot and place it at the keeper’s left post. Spain wins 2-0.

Goal for Spain! (Eleven’)

Javi gave Olmo a hole-in-one pass to put him in a one-on-one confrontation with the goalkeeper, Duarte scored but failed to clear it, the Leipzig player poked it before Navas left to make it 1-0.

Another clear chance for Spain (8′)

Pedri united with Asensio on the edge of the area and the 10 finished first: the ball went very close to Keylor Navas’ left post.

Spain and Costa Rica are already playing

Spain and costa rica are already playing in Al Thumama Stadium For the first date of the E group of Qatar World Cup 2022.

spain vs. Costa Rica: formations and how to see them

Spain s Costa Rica They will face each other from 1:00 p.m. Al Thumama Stadium The first date for Group E of the Qatar World Cup 2022. The match will be broadcast on television Public Television and DirecTV Sports.

Spain: Unai Simon, Cesar Azpilicueta, Rodri, Aymeric Laporte, Jordi Alba; Sergio Busquets, Javi, Pedri; Ferran Torres, Dani Olmo and Marco Asensio. DT: Luis Enrique.

Costa Rica: Keylor Navas, Carlos Martinez, Fuller, Duarte, Francisco Calvo, Brian Oviedo; Campbell, Borges; Tejeda, Bennett; Contracting. DT. Luis Fernando Suarez.

Japan’s goal! (82 inches)

The German defense fell to sleep, a long pass from Itakura to Asano who controlled and finished in the near corner to make it 2 to 1. Japan is benefiting from their great physical condition, and Germany doesn’t seem to understand what’s going on.

Change in Japan (74 minutes)

Minamino entered and Sakai left.

Great coverage of Neuer (72 minutes).

Eto’o controlled the area and hit it with his left foot, but Neuer saved it. Sakai bounced but hit the crossbar.

Four saves for Gonda (71′)

First Hoffmann, then Gnabry from mid-distance, with a header and on the rebound, Gonda covered all of them, the last butting. Germany deserves the second for several minutes.

Two changes in Germany (67′)

Müller and Gundogan left and Hofmann and Goretzka entered respectively. Flick is looking for strength and muscle in the middle with Goretzka entering – Gundogan looking tired – and with Hoffmann some speed to take advantage of the spaces left by Japan, who are out looking for the game.

Japan’s exit from the blockade (66 d)

Japan emerges from the German encirclement, attempts to attack and Neuer worries, but does not achieve depth to generate net targets.

Asano’s deflected shot (61′)

The Japanese counterattack and Asano ended on a large scale. Japan owned it.

Gundogan with a stick! (60′)

Gündoğan entered through the center and finished off Günda’s right post, but the ball hit the post. Germany is very close to second place.

2 changes in Japan (58 minutes)

Nagatomo and Maeda left and Mitoma and Asano entered, respectively.

Musiala hit the ball over the bar (51 d).

Musiala started from left to right with net dribbling, leaving the Japanese in the way, and finished wide on the crossbar. Germany is close to second place.

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