Bolsonaro denied the existence of any “illegal” in the jewelry donated by Saudi Arabia | The former Brazilian president responded to the gift, which amounted to 3.2 million dollars

former president of brazil, Jair BolsonaroAnd He denied committing any “violation of the law” After an alleged attempt to enter the country illegally was reported, in 2021, Jewelry worth $3.2 million was gifted by Saudi Arabia to the former first lady. After participating in Washington at the Conservative Political Action Conference, the American right’s largest annual forum, Bolsonaro also said he would “soon” return to his country to continue doing politics.

Newspaper stadium On Friday, it was reported that a delegation from the Bolsonaro government attempted, in October 2021, to enter without declaring jewelry that was a gift from the Saudi government to Michelle Bolsonaro, the wife of the former president. Necklace, ring, watch and a pair of earrings They were found during a search at Guarulhos Airport, São Paulo, in the backpack of an advisor to the then Minister of Mines and Energy, Bento Albuquerque, who was returning from an official trip to the Middle East.

Since they were not declared, the customs kept the jewels and they remain in their possession until today. “They accuse me of a gift I didn’t ask for or get. There is no legitimacy on my part.”He told CNN Brazil Bolsonaro, located in the United States. The far-right leader said he was not aware of the elements’ values ​​and made it clear that their destination would be the legacy of the presidency.

Brazilian law states that when entering the country with goods worth more than a thousand dollars, passengers must declare it and pay the tax due. However, they could have entered the country without paying a fee if an official state gift had been declared, and so the jewelry would be treated as property of the state and not of previous presidential marriages, after the term expired.

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according to stadiumBolsonaro government officials made several subsequent efforts at customs, to no avail, to have the jewels released. Minister of Justice Flavio DinoHe confirmed that he would submit an investigation request to the Federal Police on Monday.

Bolsonaro has been in the United States since December 30 and is awaiting a visa change requested by his lawyer in January to stay another six months in that country, as he arrived two days before the end of his term. All this time, he was inaugurated in Florida, from where he left for the US capital on Friday to participate in a Republican convention named Business opening for former President Donald Trump.

In his speech on Saturday, Bolsonaro made no mention of what happened in the January 8 coup attempt or eventual return to Brazil, but made clear that his mission is far from over. “I will be back soon (to Brazil) to try to get back to normal life, to do politics and to be close to my family.”reassured the former president from Washington.

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