Blizzard has more video games in development, other than Diablo 4, Overwatch 2, and Diablo Immortal.

The director of World of Warcraft is very keen for fans to see what the company is preparing.

is being Blizzard Fans And their games? Well, you’re in luck, because now we know Another very clear evidence Which indicates that the developer has New video games on the go. The company it is now part of Activision Blizzard, Known as The Devil’s Saga, The Starcraft sagalately Note and observe, The The Saga of a World of Warcraft And many other video games.

We are going to a really exciting time. We have other projects underwayIon HazecostaseIn a new large scale Reportage IGN, as the media is investigating what is happening on Blizzard (as a result of Jeff Kaplan, a veteran of the company, leaves the studio), It has been commented that the company has New games will be announced. Also, best of all, it looks like it will be announced Relatively ready. They will point to it Boxes for mobile phones Or for other completely unknown projects?

Director of D World of Warcraft, Ion HazecostaseThey made it clear that the company has a good work environment and that they are looking to the future. We go to A. A really exciting moment. People have seen what is being done Diablo 4, With Observation 2, And they’re super excited about both games. […] You have Other projects are under implementation, I think people are from all over the world You will see it in a short time What we are doing, and I can’t wait to share that with them, “he explained in part of the report.

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In addition, Hazikostas again insisted on the idea that Blizzard actually partnered with 3DJuegos a few months ago: The developments are long because the company considers the process should be this way as well to maintain quality: “I think Blizzard Long development cycles. The games we create are not games that are produced and transformed quickly in a year or two. ”

So, We hope to know soon From these new projects. For now, another game that grabs attention is The Immortal Diablo, The RPG With the purpose Male in appearance e iOS. In recent days, Blizzard has been in the news as well because of the It will revolutionize Overwatch 2’s competitive landscape. In fact, that would be the change, that Professional players worry about losing their jobs.

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