20 years ago, the flag of Venezuela visited the summit of the planet

On Sunday May 23, Venezuela celebrates the 20th anniversary of the arrival of the first fully-organized expedition to the summit of the planet, Mount Everest (8848 AD):

Marcos Tobaya, Jose Antonio Delgado, Carlos Castillo, Carlos Calderas, Marco Caiuso and Martin Echevaria formed the Proyecto Cumbre Expedition Team and distinguished before and after in the history of Venezuelan sports.

The expedition to Everest took 62 days, but it took two years to prepare.

The group trained in the Andes at the beginning of 2001 and on March 27 left Venezuela to wander and acclimatize to altitude on the southern side of the tallest mountain on the planet, in the Khumbu region.

From there, they ascended to Aunt Batar (5600 m) and then to the top of the island (6189 m), which they reached on April 13, 2001. After returning to Kathmandu with the tour group, they began the journey to the northern façade of the front. the mountain. On the weekend of April 20-21, “Dar Qomolongma, Goddess of Mother Mountains” is close to the feet.

On May 23, 2001, at 10 and 10:30 a.m. respectively, Marcos Tobia and Jose Antonio Delgado, members of the Proyecto Cumbre Expedition, reached the summit of Mount Everest (8848 masl) to successfully accomplish the mission proposed by the Creole team. Since 1996.

Marcus Tobia suffered from height blindness, recurrent retinopathy above 6 thousand meters, caused by spills of small capillaries in the fundus of the eye. But he managed to reach the summit carrying Basang Sherpa, who placed the Venezuelan flag on one of the pillars of support as a pillar.

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A member of the Spanish expedition that was at the summit at the same time captured the image in which the national triad appears upside down, while the Sherpa offered prayers to the mountain deities. This couple made a comeback.

“They have spent many years working together, dreaming about this summit together, and fortunately the two of us have reached the summit on their way to land safely, which is the most important thing. The real summit is at Base Camp, when we all make it back well,” he said. Martín Echevarría from the mountain through radio interviews.

More adventures

In the years after the summit of Everest, the team improved their logistical skills and set themselves up new challenges, such as making long journeys to reach the planet’s poles, conquering the top seven mountains in all continental lands, crossing Greenland and continuing – searching for the most distant places to explore and travel.

After ascending Everest, Jose Antonio Delgado decided to develop his plans himself, climbing various mountains. On 22 July 2006, his body was found lifeless (hypothermia) when he was trapped by a storm at an altitude of more than 7000 meters without water and without food upon his return from the summit in Nanga Parbat (8125 m), Pakistan. It was the fifth of his eight thousand.

Project summit trips

  • 1993- Climbing Ama Dablam 6,812m – Nepal – Asia
  • 1997- Climbing Dolagiri 8167m – Nepal – Asia
  • 1997- Denali Summit (McKinley) – 6,194 AD – Alaska – America – America
  • 1998 – Cumbre Shisha Pangma Central – 8,013AD – Tibet (China) – Asia
  • 1999- KOMBER MUSTAG ATA – 7,546 AD – China – Asia
  • 2000- Gacherbrom Summit 2 – 8035 AD – Pakistan – Asia
  • 2000- Kilimanjaro Summit 5895 AD – Tanzania – Africa
  • 2001 – Spring season – Summit of Everest – – 8,848 AD – Ascent from the north side to face Tibet (China) – Asia
  • 2002- The summit of Mount Elbrus 5642 m – Russia – Europe
  • 2002 – Southern Hemisphere Summer Season – Mount Vinson Summit, Antarctica
  • 2004 – Arctic crossing – arrival at the North Pole
  • 2006 – Antarctic crossing – the arrival of the South Pole
  • 2007 – Carsitzens Pyramid Summit 4884 AD – Irian Jaya, Indonesia – Oceania
  • 2007 – Mount Cosico summit – Australia – Oceania
  • 2008 – Crossing Greenland from the East Coast to the West Coast
  • 2010 – Sacred Mountain Crossing – Overpassing Mount Kailash – (Tibet)
  • Ascent of gorla mandata to 7,694 meters – Tibet (China) – Asia.
  • 2012 – Fifth expedition peaks of the Virgin to Watkins, Greenland
  • 2013- Logan Expedition, Yukon, Canada (5,959 m)
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