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Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers by internet users. But what many do not know is that its functionality can be customized thanks to extensions: these programs or applications, which are available for free download in the Chrome Web Store, add functions that facilitate tasks ranging from downloading files to checking spelling or stars. Among the most popular in recent weeks are those related to ChatGPT, which allows you to write messages on Twitter or generate a summary of content from the browser itself but using the Generative Artificial Intelligence tool. These are the best free ChatGPT extensions for Chrome.

ChatGPT Plus for Google

With it, you no longer have to go to the ChatGPT website every time you want to use this tool, since then It integrates directly in the browser once downloaded. Upon activation, a window appears at the top right of the screen for writing the request, and from it, access to the query history is also given.

ChatGPT Starter

Configure email messages Then send it via Gmail and is compatible with all languages. After downloading it, open the email client and click the “Create” button. Next, you have to go to the ChatGPT Writer icon located next to the Send button and click: a window appears that is used to indicate what we want the tool to write, that is, the subject of the message. Once the email has been generated from the indicators, the “Insert Generated Response” button is pressed. It will only be necessary to review it, add recipients and send it. It can also be installed on Edge and Brave browsers.

Chatgpt Writer: Free Chatgpt Extensions for Chrome

Copy to GPT chat

Automatically “cut and paste” the response generated by ChatGPT to your computer’s clipboard. Downloaded from Chrome, every time the generative AI comes up with one of these answers, you have to click the button ‘copy to clipboard’ below to activate the feature.

Copy For Chatgpt: Free Chatgpt extensions for Chrome


Responses generated by ChatGPT are converted to Text files, images, and PDF files Which can then be saved on the computer. You can choose from different styles (sketch, neon, dark and light), highlight specific answers and even delete paragraphs.

Fancy Gpt: Free Chatgpt Extensions for Chrome

Merlin OpenAI Chat GPT Assistant

Compatible with any web page that includes files box or text boxThis wizard provides information, offers suggestions, and answers questions asked by the user. Once downloaded, the extension icon appears in the upper right corner of the page: clicking on it opens a window where you have to type in the request to be made. They are all stored in history.

Merlin Openai Chatgpt Assistant - Free Chat Extensions for Chrome


serves to Store and share Indicators or requests that the user requests from ChatGPT. The interesting thing is that you can create categories and colors for each of them and thus organize them perfectly. It is even possible to add notes.


ReaderGPT: ChatGPT-based web page digest

Generate abstracts The content of web pages is text-based, so it’s useful if you don’t have time to read it all or if you want to get a prior idea of ​​what it’s about before delving into it. In order for the summary to be accurate, it is necessary to enter as detailed as possible in the Prompt field what you want.

Readergpt: Chatgpt-based Web Page Digest, Free Chrome Chatgpt Extensions

Snack prompts

When using ChatGPT, pointers (also called prompts) are key, as they are the key for this generative AI to accurately respond to the questions it has formulated. This extension refers to a large scale List of indicators Curated by experts can be saved as favourites.

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Snack prompt


This extension writes and responds Tweets As if the user does it himself in a quick way. These posts can then be edited and customized before publishing.

I tweeted.  Free Chatgpt Chrome Extensions

YouTube and article summary with ChatGPT

Copy and summarize content videos from YouTube. It even translates them into Spanish in real time if they’re in English. Once installed, you have to go to the well-known website. Next to the selected video, a window called “Text and Summary” appears which you have to click in order for the transcription to appear automatically.

YouTube &  Article summary with Chatgpt- Free Chatgpt Extensions for Chrome

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