What isn’t the metaverse (a game) and why companies should care: Changing generations

for you. Arrival metaverse It raises many questions about what this new virtual space is, why and for what purpose it was created. Despite the fact that this virtual environment in Europe is not a stable place, this virtual environment in the United States or Canada brings with it works that have not yet been published. What is the metaverse, should companies be interested in entering it? I have answered these questions Joaquin Pedrinofounder and CEO of Meta Software Factory at his presentation “Possibilities and the future of the metaverse” in the framework of the event Opendirwhich is celebrated in Ada Alicanteand that collected together Executives at an event with the theme “Adaptation as a Key Strategic Factor”.

More than what is the metaverse, Pedreño has influenced what is not. for example, And theAmong the misconceptions It is often believed that There is only one metaverse – there are many, with different characteristics– It’s made by Facebook – The multinational company made a big commitment to this virtual space, but didn’t create it – and It’s not a game. There may be room for recreation, but also for work and even boosting your economy. It is also not necessary to visit him with VR glasses. There are metaverses that can be accessed through a simple application or web.

Among the examples of business that can occur in real estate metaverses. If it is not widespread in Europe, it started in the United States or Canada. Plots can be purchased in this digital world, “virtual bricks”. Indeed, the acquisition of buildings and the construction of land can be initiatives that start to move millions.

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In his presentation, Pedriño made a small tour with his avatar in Decentraland, one of the Metaverses, where he toured an office and interacted with colleagues and also visited a cafeteria or comedy club.

It also explored the opportunities it can give businesses: new ideas for creating content, new revenue streams, interaction with users, and useful data to learn their preferences. Likewise, he presented examples of departments and companies in the province of Alicante that have tested the metaverse through pilot experiments: the Alicante City Council Tourist Office or the Gioseppo Virtual Store.

There are really big companies making products that only think of the metaverse: nike also Adidas They make virtual clothes for this environment; in finance, JP Morgan Also enter this space and picture Your virtual cafe it. in the world of sports, Rafael Nadal She entered with her image as the NBA creates spaces. Education (CEU has its facilities) and entertainment (singers like Snoop Dogg create content in it) are other areas being explored.

Generations Relief

In short, the founder and CEO of Meta Software Factory confirmed it This virtual world will be the natural terrain in which future generations will move; Those who grew up playing Fortnite (with its own currency, with avatars and constant interaction) or Minecraft, where all kinds of worlds are created. “This space will not be a shock to the new generations. They are moving in this field. To reach them, you have to set up a small headquarters in the metaverse, where they will spend most of their time.”

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