Bad news from the Knights of the Old Republic

Plans to remake Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic are complicated. The situation right now is a bit frustrating.

There’s bad news for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Aspyr Media announced the remake of this amazing video game from the galactic saga in 2021. However, since then, the game has suffered from numerous delays and even a studio change. Since last year, Saber Interactive has been responsible for bringing KOTOR to the present. The strange thing is that Sony has now cited expired music licenses to explain the recent deletion of the game’s trailer and deletion of social media posts. It seems that things are not going well with this development.

The fans have realized that PlayStation has removed the trailer for Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic. This happened a few days ago. The PlayStation Twitter account also deleted the game’s announcement tweet posted in 2021. This has given rise to speculation that Aspyr and Saber’s parent company, Embracer Group, may have canceled the remake due to ongoing reorganization. Named Axios contributor Stephen Totilo I contacted Disney for answers. Disney redirected it to Sony. “As part of normal business, we remove assets containing licensed music when licenses expire,” Sony said. Things look very bad.

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The situation with the video game is very complicated

However, this answer raises questions of its own. As Totilo points out, it’s strange that the trailer for an upcoming game has expired. next to, Trailers for other older Star Wars games are still being posted on the PlayStation YouTube channel. It’s impossible to say whether Sony is telling the truth about Knights of the Old Republic. Although there seems to be something strange going on behind the scenes.


in the beginning, Remake of Knights of the Old Republic It was going to go on sale last year. However, Aspyr has put the project on hold indefinitely after the demo failed to meet expectations. The studio also fired the remake’s art and design directors. Saber takes over in 2022, though the game likely won’t be released until 2025 or later. However, the strange situation with its music may be a bad sign for the future of Star Wars.

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